It only took a few times getting tossed like a ragdoll into the shore - nose full of saltwater, powerless against the hammer blows of the Atlantic - for me to give up surfing. Our kids had a rented surfboard so I figured I'd give it a shot - it had only been 13 years since the last time I was on a board - so, why not?!  But I was crying uncle inside of 15 minutes - with a bruised ego and a bent back fingernail, to boot. Total Barney.

What I really needed in that moment was help from an expert. Someone to tell me which waves to pick, when to paddle, and when to pop up. 

My short-lived attempt at being gnarly happened this past week while I was on vacation with our extended family and, despite being unable to hang 10, I had a really great time. There was sun, fun, family, fishing, reading, and relaxing. #vacationgoals

Plus, something DID go well while I was catching rays on the beach: one of my clients launched their fully-redesigned website. 

And it's. a. beaut.

The team at V.I.P. Tours of New York and I have been working together for several months on sprucing up their marketing materials and perfecting their business processes. They serve a niche audience - nonprofit theaters - giving custom, insider-access Broadway tours to groups. They provide unique donor-cultivation experiences that strengthen the relationships between theaters and their supporters. Amazing stuff.

So, of course, they needed a website that would excite and inspire prospective travelers as well as educate theater staff about their seamless service. What's more, they needed a site that would be user friendly, be easily updated by their own team, and would attract more leads and inquiries. 

A complete rebuild was just what the marketing doctor ordered.

Now, if you've ever had to redesign or build a website, you know that the process can feel a lot like getting pummeled by the ocean while surfing. You may make some progress but, eventually, you're going to be upside down. 

That is, unless, you have a highly-skilled professional in your corner. 

Enter: Jenny Belanger of JennyB Designs - whom I've written to you about a few times over the years. She creates beautiful, functional websites that drive sales. Plain and simple. As a team, we crafted a strategy and got to work. Their rad new website - filled with inspiring photos and dazzling text😉  - was ready in six weeks flat.

I've run out of surfing metaphors, so I'll close this here by encouraging you to read more about their transformation on Jenny's blog and then going to V.I.P. Yours of New York to check out the finished product for yourself. 

Shaka! 🤙🏼

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