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It's Day 28!

WAHOOOOOO.....You did it!

I hope you enjoyed this program as much as I have and I hope you have been educated and inspired to BEAT SUGAR and TRAIN SMART!

I'd really like you to do one final workout if you can - what about 4 of the HIIT videos back to back to end the Sugar HIIT in style?! And don't forget to re-take the fitness test to see how far you've come!

Here is your final audio - CLICK HERE to listen!

Thank you so much for doing Sugar HIIT and here's to a happy, low or no sugar life :o)

You have been great!

Love Janey x

CLICK HERE to go to the Week 4 page which contains your Day 28 content (password: sugar)

Or CLICK HERE for the Welcome page (password: sugar)

Options for you after the Sugar HIIT Bootcamp...

You have the content for life so feel free to start again, listen to the audios, read the articles, download the videos etc, because it's YOURS! Just log in to the password protected pages whenever you need, and you can re-start the emails whenever you like :)

If you'd like to go straight on to another 28 day bootcamp, the Best Body, Tummy ATTACK, SELF-CARE and Busy Woman Bootcamps are all available. Or try the 10 Minutes A Day Bootcamp which is a 12 week program - you can find details for all bootcamps on my website here.

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If you have any questions, drop me a line in the office -

Sarah Wilson talks about how she gave up sugar

I also really recommend her book, which is packed full of great recipes and principles, pretty much the same as mine!

Tasty low sugar recipe of the day!

Blueberry paleo pancakes

Don't these look divine? A perfect Sunday breakfast, super tasty and very low in sugar... Why not make them today!

Click the image for the recipe

Sugar Quiz...

The answer to yesterday's quiz is...

An amaretto has 4tsp of sugar per serving where as brandy has none.

I hope you have enjoyed these little quizzes, please read labels and do your research on the things you eat so you really know your food and drink when it comes to sugar!  

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