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ISSUE 150, 11 AUG 2020
Envisioning the New Model Library: Navigating through the pandemic and beyond

Lynn Silipigni Connaway/ Hanging Together

Through discussions with 20 library leaders from across the sector, this new OCLC research sets out to discover how the immediate changes to services in response to the pandemic  may continue in the long-term.

Library Open Data: an update

DCMS Libraries

A year ago the Department for Digital, Media, Culture and Sport hosted a workshop to revive work on creating a schema - a set of standards for publishing data - providing definitions and structure for datasets for public libraries. Claire Back takes us through the subsequent process of testing, refining and promoting the schema. 

Pandemic pen pals: How Colombian libraries lift spirits

Libraries have played an important role for citizens in Colombia's turbulent history, and now they are connecting isolated people creatively during the pandemic. A project in the city of MedellĂ­n allows participants to send emails written from the perspective of made up characters or literary figures which are passed on anonymously to another participant.

Cindy Crushes Programming: Animal Crossing and the Virtual Library

Cindy Shutts/ Teen Librarian Toolbox

An overview of how to use Animal Crossing New Horizon to code with a group of teens via Zoom, as well as a how-to video. about making an Animal Crossing escape room using Google forms. 

Those Who Manage The Sounds

Edgardo Civallero/ The Princh Library Blog

As the function of the library evolves, audio libraries are becoming more important. This article looks at what the audio library may offer, as well as some examples from Latin America. 

Publisher Decries Damn Libraries Entertaining The Masses Stuck At Home For Free

Mike Masnick/ Techdirt

Mike Masnick challenges a suggestion by a publisher that libraries are damaging booksellers and causing author poverty by lending books for free. 

Recording, slides and tweets from #MmITvideo

Multimedia Information and Technology Group Blog

A recording of the useful MmIT webinar Using Video in your Library and Information Service  is available online. 

Reopened libraries must balance community role with post coronavirus restraints

Thomas Byans/ RIBA Journal

In a world with Covid-19, library design will need to change to accommodate new ways of interacting within library spaces - but what will the new spaces look like? And how will they stop groups of people gathering together in a space originally designed for exactly that purpose? 

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back - The Pandemic’s Impact on Open Access Progress

David Crotty/ The Scholarly Kitchen

Despite the immediate acceleration of Open Access publishing brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, David Crotty warns that the ensuing financial crisis and diminishing student numbers will hamper efforts to sustain the recent momentum.



The suggested content that you get to see on your YouTube page is decided by Artificial Intelligence bots that place you in a recommendation 'bubble'. So how does a bot know what you want to see and how do you know what you are missing out on? ThierTube allows you to see into other people's bubbles and see what other subscribers can see. 

CILIP Resilience Hub

CILIP: the library and information association

CILIP's Resilience Hub is all about securing library services for the long-term in these times of great change and uncertainty. It includes comprehensive sections on organisational resilience as well as advice for building personal resilience, with sections on skills and mental health. 

New Resource to Combat Racial Bias Now Available for Scholarly Publishing Professionals: The Antiracism Toolkit for Allies

Industry Announcements and Events SSP-L

A new antiracism toolkit for the scholarly publishing community analyses white advantage and provides best practice and actionable resources, and is produced by cross-organisational volunteers.

Lessons learned in academic libraries: What I wish they told me in library school

Elena Rodriguez, Journal of New Librarianship 5 (2020) pp. 135-141

This article looks at some important topics that are not taught on the Master's in Library Science and provides advice for newly graduated academic librarians.

Open Badges for Promoting Open Practices in the Institutional Repository: A Pilot Project

Hurrell, C., Ruddock, K. and Pival, P., 2020. Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication, 8(1), p.eP2325

A pilot project looking into the effectiveness of adding badges to indicate open access policy compliance. 


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