Here's a quick update of what we've been up to. Stay safe and don't hesitate to share feedback!

Using the advanced tasks

The task feature got even better! You can now embed iframes within your tasks. Eg. Have your stakeholders watch a Youtube video, book an online appointment as part of your onboarding process, isn't it just awesome? 

Try the new Task experience
Custom views on applications dashboard

Use custom views to organize your applications the way you want: sort, filter, group, and display more columns. 

It's a perfect way to build your own view and focus on relevant data.

Set up a custom view
Assigning line items to multiple stakeholders

Do you have processes that need to be completed by 2 or more people? 

Assign line items of your checklist to specific stakeholders roles and make sure your applications are completed by the right people. 

Add more stakeholders to your processes
More updates 😊

β€’ You can edit the color and font of your text boxes, tasks instructions and Welcome messages using the new HTML editor. πŸ”₯

β€’ You can add longer instructions to each line item of your checklist. πŸ”₯

β€’ You can mark a line item as not applicable or force it so your stakeholder will have to submit it

β€’ Processes also have tags now, learn why this is useful.

β€’ A customizable notification is sent to stakeholders when you (or your team) attach files to the portal

β€’ The portal experience has slightly improved! 

β€’ You can now update the size and font of your e-contracts fields

β€’ Portals and processes can be marked as active (Live) or inactive, only live ones can be used  by team members.


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