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Lucy's Important Update:
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Greetings everyone. I have a bit of a sad announcement to make today.

(The TL;DR is that all TT corsets in my shop will be raised by $10.)

We've weathered a lot of changes in the corset community / industry, and I've tried as long as possible to buffer these changes for my loyal readers, viewers, and clients, but now another inevitable change is coming.

Many of you are already aware that my oldest supplier, Timeless Trends, was sold to new owners in late 2018, and then at the beginning of this year they changed their business model from keeping pre-made corsets in stock (shipped from Texas), to a made-to-order business model (keeping very little in stock, and shipping directly from Thailand).

Expenses have slowly gone up and up, as I kept my corset prices essentially the same since I first started selling OTR corsets in 2012. A basic underbust corset cost $99 plus ~$10 shipping at the time, and eight years later that's where it stayed.

Even through inflation and supplier changes and rising wholesale costs and absorbing sales tax for Texan clients and covering exchange fees etc, etc, etc, I fought to keep my prices the same for as long as humanly possible.

I am happy (and in fact proud) to say that the wholesale prices I pay for my corsets are more expensive than the retail prices of many other brands - I believe in paying an ethical, living wage to the people who make and supply these corsets.

But it's getting to the point where my retail pricing is not sustainable for me anymore, and I can't be undercutting anyway. I am pressured to raise my prices to match that of Timeless Trends.

In the spirit of full transparency, I've chosen to tell you this in advance, even though it's not required of me (or any seller) to announce an upcoming price change. The change will be happening on Saturday night & through Sunday, so if you want to take advantage of my original pricing right now, you have a little under TWO days to get your orders in before the prices change.

Feel free to send me your measurements and I will tell you what will fit you best.

What will NOT change:

  • Shipping costs haven't changed for any location.
  • Gift vouchers and store credits will not change in their value. 
  • My exchange policy (shipping for your replacement corset in the first exchange is covered within the US, and partially covered depending on other countries).
  • My "honor system" which expedites exchanges and returns in specific situations.
  • Lifetime warranty (and I cover shipping in both directions in the case of damaged corsets).
  • My prompt and personalized customer service!
  • Anything regarding the other (non-TT) brand prices or policies in my shop.

I sincerely hope you all understand that I am not trying to "gouge" my customers, and I hope you take this announcement and grace period in good faith that I'm looking out for you first.

~ Lucy

In other news...

NEW VIDEO: Corset "Hack" to get more slack without buying longer laces

A Fast Foundations video this week - a simple tip on how to get more slack in your laces without having to buy longer laces for your corset.

This is perfect if your city is still under quarantine and you can't get to a sewing shop to buy longer ribbon, or if you live where shipping costs of a simple skein of lacing is too prohibitive. If you just need 1-2 more inches of slack to get the corset to wrap around yourself, this "hack" is perfect.

Click here to watch!

Newly Updated Ebay Corset Finds Page

Ebay Corset Finds page has been updated with newly listed corsets (the one shown here is of a 26" Sweet Carousel Corsetry burlesque overbust).

Updates of note:

  • Ms Antoinette "Majesty" cuppped overbust relisted at a lower price.
  • Scoundrelle's Keep cinchers (with front zip closure) available in a couple of different sizes
  • Isabella Corsetry 28" newly listed (cute peony brocade)
Click to see Lucy's Ebay finds
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