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AURORA Highlights
August 2020
Sept. 18-20, 2020
Fall Canoe Trip - Limited spots are available to register early!
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with Instructor: Emily Doucette
Yoga Classes in August
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Monday, Aug. 3rd 7-9pm
Full Moon Fire Circle

The seventh moon of Creation is Raspberry Moon, it is a time of great changes, family and kindness. By learning gentleness and kindness, we will pass through the raspberry thorns and the prickliness of its stem and harvest the berries. These teachings help in guiding our children, family, community and how we take care of the Mother Earth, and everything that gives us life each and every day.

Celebrate the Summer Season and the many gifts that it gives to us at our Women's New Moon Fire Circle which will take place on Monday, Aug 3rd in the evening - We will meet at Aurora at 7pm and then drive together to our Fire Circle location (will not be a long drive).

No cost but welcome to bring something to share with the circle. Pre-registration is required. No drop-ins at this time.

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Tuesday, Aug. 4th 10-11am
Rock Painting in the Park - Mother Earth Connection

Bring your friends and family to Devon Park to paint some rocks! Then go out with your crew for a walk and hide them! More stories for #thepasrocks!

We will meet in the parking lot at the boat launch next to The Pas Regional Library.
Pre-regriatration is required.
Cost is only $5/person.

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Live Everyday Sacred

The Intention, or Sankalpa, of the Aurora Sacred Healing Centre.

We intend to follow the Phase 2 Safety Services standards
Your Safety is our Top Priority

Here's what is happening for yoga/meditation classes starting at the Centre:
- classes will be offered both at the Centre if you would like to come in person PLUS they will also be recorded and available through Zoom (you will still have to register for online classes in order to receive the new Zoom meeting password)
- Pre-registrations will only be accepted for classes. Any class with less than 4 people signed up will be cancelled.  You can use can either use your Aurora Pass card or pay for the series of classes, there will be no drop in's (please notify Adrianna if funds are tight at this time to pay for classes and you would like to do an Exchange of Service instead)
- we are going to continue and promote our "Mother Earth Connections" outdoors since these have been very popular, however you will need to sign up for these now as a class with payment.

    For those of you who would like to start attending classes at the Centre, here's what we are looking at to ensure your safety while providing services:
    - asking that if you aren’t feeling well, that you please stay home from class
    - before and after classes the space will be sanitized,by disinfecting high-touch surfaces,
    - adding more access to disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers,
    - bring your own mat, props and blankets to class (we will have ours available, just keep in mind that if you use them, you will have to properly clean them, excluding the blankets which we will clean weekly)
    - classes will run at 50% occupancy which is maximum 10
    - social distancing of 6 feet will be respected at all times, including with the placement of the mats for class

    We will just have to remember that “Clean is kind,” and “A warm smile is better than a handshake.”, so we can start reconnecting in a more personal way.

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    Aurora Sacred Healing Centre

    130 Third St. N., The Pas


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