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It's Day 24!

Today is a Cardio day, so please if you are Level 1 do 60 minutes of endurance cardio, pushing yourself a little bit harder, and further than in week 2!

And if you are Level 2, please do the HIIT Sprint Audios, really pushing yourself in those sprint sections!

Your audio today is 11 minutes long. It is all about my 10 sugar commandments, and you can CLICK HERE to listen to it!

Love Janey x

CLICK HERE to go to the Week 4 page which contains your Day 24 content (password: sugar)

Or CLICK HERE for the Welcome page (password: sugar)

The dangers of sugar

Is this the future?

Tax 'addictive' sugar to combat growing levels of obesity, says Chief Medical Officer

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Tasty low sugar recipe of the day!

Braised chicken with peppers

A hearty wholesome dish, fresh, full of flavour, and not too complicated! This is however quite a decadent dish in the fact it has pancetta in it. There isn't loads though and you could certainly do the dish without, but this again is one of those meals if you served to a man, they wouldn't be disappointed!

I like dishes like this with greens as I prefer to eat light, but as the recipe suggests, you could top some healthy wheat-free carbs to make this more substantial.

Click the image for the recipe

Sugar Quiz...

What has a higher sugar content?

a) 100 grams of Strawberries

b) 100 grams of Raspberries

And the answer to yesterday's quiz is...

The Green Goddess Juice has 42.8g of sugar, with the Beet beautiful tipping it with 49.2g!

This is because although these are sold as a vegetable juice, the first ingredient is in fact apples and there are minimal vegetables in these drinks. It just goes to show you that fruit has a lot more sugar than you think, especially in juice form and products promoted as 'healthy' aren't always full of what you think - ALWAYS READ LABELS


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