My dear friends:  As John Denver wrote in one of his songs..."Now the blame cannot rest on the heads of the few".  This is true.  We all created this mess.  We have allowed ourselves and our loved ones to be programmed like sheep. 

So what is the intention of the world leaders (the programmers)?  We all hear things.  I would say "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately considered stupidity."   For me, in this case,  I don't consider 'stupidity' in a derogatory sense. It's more like not having the ability to 'see the big picture' or 'connect the dots' to use a couple of simple metaphors.   I know I am giving them a lot of credit here because I really believe that they believe that what they are doing is very resourceful and Lord knows they are doing a great job in scaling down the population of this beautiful earth.  Throughout history, world leaders have always used the latest tools and narratives for control. Anyone can create that list.

You see there are entitlement issues here. I know that we can help them.   At one level they are like children and God knows they need out prayers. They need love.

I suggest that we spend time everyday sending them love... however you do that best.

One more thing.  The media is NOT our friend.  I suggest we continue listening to the still small the God within... as it is.

Love, power and freedom to you,


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