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ISSUE 136, 28 JAN 2020
Outreach Programming: Serving Hidden Patrons

Erica Melko/ WebJunction

When Perry Memorial Library identified that users were not reflecting the local demographic, they developed an outreach initiative to identify and connect with underserved sections of the community and find creative ways to serve their needs.

Into the New Decade: Key Internet Governance Trends for Libraries

IFLA Library Policy and Advocacy Blog

Will 'techlash' make the internet more open and inclusive? A look at where significant governance trends of 2019 might be heading in 2020. 

PLIX@Akron: Creative Learning + Spooky Making at the Public Library

MIT Media Lab

A reflection on the Learning Initiative's first Public Library Innovation Exchange (PLIX) in Akron, Ohio. Library professionals engaged in interactive sessions that introduced them to ideas behind creative learning and encouraged them to experiment and create with technology.

Advice for the New Systems Librarian – Building Relationships 2.0


Jacksonville University systems librarian Olivia Hattan-Edwards continues her helpful series of advice for new systems librarians. This article discusses which departments to build relationships with and what you can learn from them.

Climate Change and Libraries

Hanna Roseen/ Hack Library School (HLS)

How libraries are the ideal places to coordinate community action on climate change

The ILS and the Future Needs of Libraries

Krafty Librarian

A medical librarian's critique of integrated library system products: how an over prioritising of print collections means they no longer serve the needs of users. 

Four design principles for better digital signage

Library Marketing and Communications Blog

Some useful tips on effective signposting from the University of Manchester's blog. h/t: @janecowell 

An insider’s look at "Project Passage"

Kalan Knudson Davis/ OCLC Next

What's it like to be part of a metadata jam session? Kalan Knudson Davis shares her enthusiasm for linked data for libraries with an overview of the Project Passage report.

How Libraries Help Students Evaluate Information in the Era of "Fake News"

Library Research Service

Libraries and librarians are best-placed to teach information literacy to the next generation, but is the message getting through?

School Librarians using inquiry to engage teachers across the curriculum

Elizabeth Hutchinson

How is the role of a school librarian changing?  A different approach to teaching information enquiry that engages teachers as well as students.

Expanding Library Collections To Meet The Needs of the Community

Jennifer LaGarde/ School Library Journal

A look at what innovative librarians are doing to expand the idea of what a collection can be and engage local communities. 

How to Customize Your LinkedIn Feed

Shianne Edelmayer/ MakeUseOf

A handy guide to 7 LinkedIn tools and settings that will help you get the best from your feed.

Infographic on Blended Learning

School Librarian in Action blog

A clear and concise infographic showing what blended learning is - and what it is not.

Eplouribousse: webapp for managing serials deduplication in libraries.

GGre on Github

An open-source webapp developed by Georges Gressot (Université de Strasbourg, France) to help manage serials deduplication in libraries. Available under GNU General Public License v3.0.

The Algorithm Study

Project Information Literacy (PIL)

This report looks at how college and university students deal with the enormous amounts of data available to them when researching online, and their awareness of algorithm-driven platforms. It includes recommendations for librarians supporting students' research. 

Academic Librarians Supporting Digital Storytelling in the Sciences

Elise Gowan/ Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship (ISTL)

This paper looks at how digital storytelling can foster students' science communication skills and how science librarians might support this in the curriculum.

Engage. Respond. Innovate. The Value of Hackathons in Public Libraries

Anna Grant/ Carnegie UK Trust

In this interrogation of the Hackathon, Anna Grant investigates whether it can help libraries to innovate services. The paper also shares details of two UK case studies.


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