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The Cre8tive Life

Issue 1- June 12, 2018

Issue 1- June 12, 2018

Hello Friends!

Welcome to "The Cre8tive Life!" Your weekly newsletter full of lifestyle tips, smiles, and cool things to check out. I am launching this as a "feel good" component of my company, The Cre8tive Artisan, which is where I "make the magic happen" and produce fun, exciting, and engaging lifestyle events that help connect us humans in deeper ways. I hope that you enjoy this "little breath of fresh air" each week, as I seek to help pull you away from the monotony of life. However, if it's "not your thing", please feel free to unsubscribe and all that jazz. This is MY VERY FIRST edition, and I have included you because I thought that our energy connected in some way over the years. At any rate, I will stop rambling now. I hope that you enjoy this and will continue to subscribe!



***Special note: It was my goal to initially have this go out on Friday, June 8th (the day after my birthday as a special commitment gift to myself), but I ran into some snags, and had to push it back until today. Going forward, my aim is to have this go out every Friday morning- so, don't be alarmed that you will be receiving 2 this week. I PROMISE not to spam you *smile* !



This will be a weekly (random) compilation of some of my favorite "cre8tive" things that I want to share:

  • FAVORITE WORD: Deputize (Where has this word been all my life? It's my new (old) favorite)
  • MUSIC: Moonchild's Voyager Album--this album sets the perfect mood for calm in the midst of craziness--It has been my mainstay for the past week
  • ADVICE: "What you feel in the moment is okay. Allow yourself to feel it and let it go."
  • BOOK: "Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World"- Adam Grant
  • FEEL GOOD STORY: From Compton to Google
  • NEW FOOD DISCOVERY: Wendy's Berry Burst Chicken Salad (*to know me, is to know that I have never liked fruit in my salad---but, I have been on this goal to "try something new" everyday, and this randomly ended up being one of the things. I ended up REALLY liking it (even though I ate the fruit before adding the dressing...but, baby steps, right? )
  • RANDOM LIFESTYLE TIP: Not good at cutting cakes? Take a LONG string of dental floss, and use that to cut your cake evenly and quickly! (*Note: I am totally not responsible for you now going out to buy a cake just to try this out -lol)


I am in the process of creating some "non-traditional" events where people can connect on a deeper level in person. And, I would LOVE to get your feedback on some things. If you could take a quick 5 minutes to fill out this survey, I would be most appreciative!



I recently was invited to do my very first visual podcast interview on "The Customer Magnet Show" with Sonia Thompson. I had to speak on: How to use events to deliver remarkable customer experiences. I felt totally out of my element, but I pushed myself to do this (as part of my "do something out of your comfort zone everyday" goal). Listen in if you dare!


........................It is what YOU define it to be...........................

This road of life can be quite an interesting ride and journey. You come into this world not knowing anything, and then are quickly prescribed definitions of what things are, and/or how they should be. In terms of some of the basic level things, this it totally fine...But, when it comes to those deeper level items, such as "happiness," "success," and what we ascribe "value" to, then that's definitely something that we should individually come up with on our own. In the wake of some recent "seemingly surprising" suicides that have taken place by prominent figures, I think that it definitely goes to show that "happiness" and "success" is definitely not a one-size-fits-all notion, and that the perception is not always the reality when it comes to what we have been given as a definition of what should internally make us HAPPY. To me, happiness expands way beyond the material acquisition of "things", and is more of an inside job of taking a deep evaluation of one's core value system. It is linked up with the tapping into your soul, and what TRULY makes it happy- and not what others tell you should. I challenge and encourage everyone to take a personal inventory of what this equates to for them, and allow yourself the freedom to be open to finding out that the definition may not be what you have always been told it was. I think that is sooooooo important to do. You are a gift to the world, and have a purpose and reason for being here. And, you owe it to yourself to be your own definition of HAPPY so that you can bring your best self in all that you do. Be authentically you, and don't be afraid to reach out to others if you need help- there are people that care deeply about you, and are willing to help. Have you created your own definition of success, or have you let others do it for you?


Take a moment and reflect on what TRULY makes you happy. Write those things on a list, and see if you are actively incorporating those things into your life.

The Cre8tive Artisan

New York, NY