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Coming up this Friday!

Web conference: The 2nd Digital Revolution - Create the future with No-Code

Keynote speakers - Forrester Chief analysts John Rymer and John Bratincevic will share their perspective on how the no-code movement in the time of Covid-19 is being accelerated, and ultimately how it will transform the future of work.

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⚡️ Interviews
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How David Brühlmeier built a coworking space knowledgebase and community using Bubble and Integromat
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🗣 Feedback requests
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"I am creating a marketing one pager for my company. Any feedback would highly be appreciated." Link

"We’ve just launched this feature and we’re thinking of expanding the functionality to allow you to use “if this then that” type query building to allow you to target a more specific audience. Would this be something people would use?" Link

🚀 Launches
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Yestr - connect with your sibling to answer one question per day to help you explore and unlock old memories together
🎓 Learn from Makers - directory of great resources from no code makers
📧 Gsheet2mail - build Mailchimp newsletters from a Google Spreadsheet
🌍  Remote Dials - connects sales professionals with SaaS companies hiring for remote sales jobs during covid
✍️ Contenfy - On-demand blog content writing service, 100% powered by remote women makers
🎙 CasterKit - Curated list of resources for podcasters

🤔 Questions
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"What is your favorite NoCode platform for making iOS/Android/PWA apps that can work offline & online as well as have some native access to cameras, BT, sensors etc?" Link

"I am trying to build a website for hosting online quizzes. I wanted to know on which tool I will be able to execute this project?" Link

"If any company will hire a no code maker what should they call (as in the what's the post)? NoCode Maker/Visual Developer or anything else?" Link

"Is it possible to create something like Apple Notes or Google Keep but cross-platform by bubble or no code options?" Link

"Are there any no-code web scraping/analysis tools out there? I'm curious if that is possible to achieve without code." Link

🤝 Opportunities

"We are looking to build our ranks of Bubble instructors for our growing Bootcamp program. If you are great at Bubble and enjoy teaching, drop me a note!" Link

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