SET-Nav Newsletter: Issue II, March 2019

SET-Nav Final Policy Event

The Future of Gas in an Electrifying Europe

20 March 2018, CEPS, Brussels, Belgium 

The SET-Nav Future of Gas in an Electrifying Europe meeting, part of the SET-Nav Final Policy Event in Brussels was successfully organised on the 20th March 2019.

The event was organised by the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS). The workshop brought together European and national stakeholders to discuss the role of gas in the future European energy mix. The event united and put to the test different perspectives on the future of gas, and tested the results and policy recommendations developed as part of the SET-Nav project. Several different scenarios were up for discussion, including moderate electrification, hydrogen, strong gasification, and renewable gas.

The Agenda of the event is available here!

Download the relevant Issue Paper on the role od natural gas in an electrifying Europe.

The presentations of the event could be found below:

Welcome & introduction to SET-Nav, Marijke Welisch, TU Wien
Gas perspectives from SET-Nav, Ruud Egging, NTNU 


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SET-Nav Final Conference

Decarbonising the EU energy system: evaluating decentralised vs. centralised pathways

21 March 2018, CEPS, Brussels, Belgium 

The SET-Nav Final Conference was successfully organized at CEPS and presented the acquired knowledge, policy implications and recommendations discussing them with top-level keynote speakers and other experts. Its main goal was to present the final outcomes of SET-Nav and appropriately promote the strategic policy analysis and detailed comparative assessments of transformation paths.

Download the relevant Policy Brief: Decarbonising the EU’s Energy System. Policy implications and priorities from modelling in the SET-Nav project

 The Agenda of the event is available here!

Download now the presentations of the conference and learn more about SET-Nav results and policy recommendations:

Welcome & intro to SET-Nav, Gustav Resch, TU Wien 
Introduction, Kostis Sakellaris,DG CLIMA, European Commission
SET-Nav Pathways towards decarbonisation – decentralised vs centralised, entrenchment vs cooperation, Pedro Crespo del Granado, NTNU
Into an uncertain future for energy innovation: ensuring balance, consistency and alignment in the EU’s SET Plan, Yeong-Jae Kim, University of East Anglia
Energy demand in buildings, industry and transport - what happens to natural gas and electricity in a low-carbon Europe?, Michael Hartner, TU Wien
Decarbonising demand in the transport sectorStephanie Heitel, Fraunhofer ISI
Decarbonising industry extending the scope of mitigation options, Andrea Herbst, Fraunhofer ISI
Will electrification save the day? Challenges for deep decarbonisation, Frank Sensfuss, Fraunhofer ISI
A new super-grid to support the energy transition?, Andrés Ramos, Comillas
Effects of pathways scenarios on the gas infrastructure, Peter Kotek, REKK
The role of CCS and nuclear power, Fraiska Holz & Christian von Hirschhausen, DIW Berlin 
Tre macroeconomic impacts of the SET-Nav pathways, Arnaud Fougeyrolla, SEURECO

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