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Archive of Sicilian memory and imaginary

Invito all'ascolto sensibile di sé e dell'altro

Invitation à une écoute sensible de soi et de l'autre

Christian Gatard
Sociologue Institut international d'études qualitatives (Paris)

Da sola con mia Madre
Maria Crivelli

Mare nostrum e un po' solo mio
Sonja Gherbi

In memoria di Lorenza Di Pasquale
Volevo dirvi che il serpente sta ancora una volta cambiando pelle

Lorenza Di Pasquale

Come Pippo mi insegnò ad amare il mare
Marcello Gurrieri

Giochi e colori nel cortile sotto casa
Silvana Nicotra

Christian Gatard
Sociologue Institut international d'études qualitatives (Paris)

Archive of Sicilian memory and imaginary

The archive is the intangible cultural heritage of the Ateliers of the autobiographical imaginary. The autobiographical writings, deposited in the archive since 2002, they were donated by the Sicilian authors who participated to the annual editions of the writing workshops autobiographical and biographical, and to the monthly meetings of the reading and sensible listening groups of self and others, and by the authors Italian and foreign who participated to international Thrinakìa prize of autobiographical, biographical and poetic writings dedicated to Sicily.

The catalog of the archive of Sicilian memory and imaginary is available online. The archival collection is structured by lists of authors and titles.


On the YouTube channel of the Ateliers of the autobiographical imaginary, it is possible to follow the publication of the audio-videos of a selection of readings of autobiographical texts from the archive.


The ethical foundations of the action of our volunteer organization they care about respect for life and the human person, and the value of citizenship in the history of people and communities. The promoted activities wish to share a participatory experience where existence becomes the elaboration of a thought on life capable of generating solidarity and reciprocity, feelings based on the awareness of self-recognition and of others.

Archive of Sicilian memory and imaginary

Volunteer organization The stars in pocket

Enrolled in the general register of the voluntary organizations of the Sicilian Region in the socio-cultural educational section

President and scientific director: Orazio Maria Valastro
Archive manager: Maria Crivelli

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