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September 2020
Gender equality in focus
Index 2020 coming soon

Just one month to go! On 29 October, EIGE will reveal the updated scores for gender equality in the EU and Member States, this time in a virtual conference.

The Index 2020 will shed light on new forms of work organised through digital platforms and some of the darker aspects of digitalisation, such as cyber violence and gender bias in Artificial Intelligence. Curious to know more?

Check out our conference webpage and tune into our Facebook on 29 October to watch Index 2020 live!

Latest news
Can quotas speed up gender-balance in decision-making?

Men outnumber women in political decision-making and in the world of business, where less than one out of ten CEOs is a woman. Even though we have a long way to go to achieve gender balanced parliaments and company boards, our latest study shows that quotas can bring change. Read more here.

Gender budgeting toolkit translated into 22 languages

Gender budgeting integrates the different needs of women and men into all stages of budget planning. Our ready-to-use toolkit has been designed for those working with EU funds and is now available in 22 EU languages. Download it here.

Our new gender and migration brief

Around 7 % of people living in the EU Member States are born outside the EU. Our new brief on gender and migration talks about the different experiences of migrant women and men. The main challenges they face relate to unemployment or jobs in the informal economy, gender-based violence, family reunification, and legal protection. 

Explore more here.

User guide for EIGE’s Gender Statistics Database

Sex-disaggregated statistics reveal gender gaps and track the impact of policies. Our database has more than 2000 gender-sensitive indicators covering all areas of life. The updated user guide will help you navigate through the database more easily. Find it here.

Coming up at EIGE

Here's a sneak-peek at our new publications coming up in autumn: policy brief on gender and security, handbook to combat sexism at work, report on factors that facilitate witness reporting on intimate partner violence, factsheet on gender inequalities in unpaid care. Discover our ongoing projects here.

Good to know
Let’s talk gender!

September definition: gender balance

This term describes the equal participation of women and men in areas of work, projects or programmes. For example, women are under-represented in decision-making but are over-represented in healthcare. Find more gender equality terms in our Glossary and Thesaurus.

Open call
Join EIGE’s External Experts database

We are on the lookout for external experts in gender equality! If you have at least seven years of experience in gender mainstreaming, gender-based violence, research and statistics or communications, apply now!

Upcoming events
Planet 50:50 - Europe’s contribution to the SDGs

On 15 October, EIGE and UN Women Germany will mark the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action. Join the virtual conference to hear important voices in gender equality discuss Europe’s contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. See the agenda and register here.

Gender Equality Index 2020

EIGE will reveal the new scores for gender equality in the EU and show trends over time during an online event on 29 October. Decision-makers and experts will discuss the findings of the Gender Equality Index and areas for improvement, especially around decision-making. Watch it live here or on our Facebook page!

Orange the World 2020

From 25 November until 10 December, we will run the ‘16 days of activism against gender-based violence' campaign on our social media channels. Buildings around the world will light up in orange – a colour that symbolises hope in a world free from violence. Let’s join together to end violence against women and girls. Find out more here.

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