New videos and articles to help you improve your table tennis skills
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Here are my latest table tennis videos and articles. Tips this issue on improving your grip, using deceptive shots, how to do a big forehand slap shot and serving to compliment your playing style. I also explain why I am missing the stress of competition. 


New videos & articles
How to improve your table tennis grip

In this video, pro coach Mark Mitchell explains how to improve your table tennis grip. How you hold your table tennis bat has an impact on the speed, spin and control of your shots. Many players hold the bat too tight, which creates tension in the arm and makes it hard to play with good spin and feeling. Mark explains the benefits a looser grip and shows how to grip the bat to enable more relaxed and explosive shots.

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Do your serves compliment your playing style?

I have a player I coach who has very strong drives. He can hit the ball hard and with good ball placement with both his forehand and his backhand. However, this player has a service problem. Yes, his serves are decent and spinny, and sometimes win him points outright. But in general his serves do not compliment his playing style. He often gets stuck in pushing rallies and loses the point. In this blog post, I explain how you can use your serves to set up the type of rally you want and win more points.

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How to play deceptive shots

When we play our drives and topspins, we usually give our opponent signals as to where we are going to put the ball. In this video, Craig Bryant explains how we can disguise our shots better, by using less body movement and more wrist movement to change where we put the ball. This can make it much harder for your opponent to read your shots. It’s a great way of forcing your opponent to play weak shots or hitting outright winners.

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Why I miss the stress of competition

My table tennis club has been open for six weeks. I have enjoyed the dedicated practice time. I’ve been trying to develop my attacking game – topspin rather than block, flick rather than push. This week I even hit a few backhand winners. This is a new experience for me! But whilst this extended period of practice is having some benefit on my game, I am really starting to miss competitive play – league matches and tournaments. I am a little surprised by this, as I actually find league matches and tournaments quite stressful.

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How to do the big forehand slap shot

In this video, I explain how to do a big forehand slap shot. This is where you hit the ball very hard and very flat. It’s a hard shot to do consistently, but if you can master this technique, then you can win a lot of points. The slap shot is very hard to return, as it is very fast and there is not much spin on the ball.

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VICTAS Rubber and Blade Technology

VICTAS Table Tennis equipment is a premium Japanese brand as used by England No1 Liam Pitchford and top Japanese players such as Koki Niwa and Koji Matsushita. In this 2 part blog Bribar Table Tennis introduce you to the key products in their line up, the technology they use and how to identify the best product for your game.

VICTAS Rubber Technology

VICTAS Blade Technology

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