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So, you want to onboard some Bitcoin Cash merchants? You want to bring more financial options to your neighbors and maybe make some BCH, too?

That's great! This course will get you up to speed fast.

The Backstory

This course is the product of 3 years of research, including 2 years of field work in the developing world with 80+ team members across 8 nations, 20 cities and 3 continents, with more than 1,340 merchants affiliated.

We made all the mistakes and learned all the lessons, so you can produce the most results the fastest with the least frustration. 

So pay attention and follow the instructions please. ✌️

Step 1: Learn the Basics

Before getting started, learn how we operate and why.

Step 2: Perfect Your Speech

When you visit the merchant, what will you say in the first 30 seconds? Learn this speech and create a video of yourself performing it.

Of course, before giving the speech, ensure you are speaking to the owner or administrator. Don't waste your time giving the speech to people who can't make the decision to affiliate. And after you give the speech, let the merchant answer!

Step 3: Select your Zone

We work a concentration strategy here at Panmoni. That means that we select 1 zone (yes, only one per person or small group at a time!) of about 6 city blocks square, no more than 1 km square, and we affiliate at least 20 merchants in that area before opening another one.

Bitcoin Cash mass adoption requires a critical mass of utility options, consumers and buzz in a given geographic area. If you affiliate one merchant in the North of your city and 1 in the South, you're not achieving critical mass. Your efforts will not be effective.

So use the concentration strategy! Here is an example. Study it closely!


Once you have both of these steps completed with perfection, you can use the below form to send us your work and we will review it and give feedback. 

If your work is excellent, we will approve it and you will get the next email with all the information you need to start onboarding Bitcoin Cash BCH merchants immediately!

Upload your results here: https://airtable.com/shrTriLsA4M14bAXQ

And let's keep building Bitcoin Cash!

CAREFUL: Only upload work that is perfect and complete! 

NEED HELP? Post in the merchant onboarding forum at forum.bitcoincash.site.

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