Not So Fair Tales

Edited by John Edingfield II
19 stories written and drawn by various creators.

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I loved 'Fractured Fairy Tales' when it was a cartoon on Saturday (or after school). A quick twist on an existing story spun from childhood's Mother Goose stories, they always gave you an adult, hip, contemporary twist on where the story goes.

Here we have literally dozens of well-crafted tales to pick from. Here's the first few:

Jack and the Beanstalk

Story by Mark Romero
Art by Ryan Kobroth

The colors are vibrant and alive. The tale stays pretty much on track, with an interesting ending.

The Frog Prince

by Angela Oddling

What would happen if the Prince would rather stay being a frog? The simple, honest style of art reminds me of Ka-Blam! on Nickelodeon from the early 2000s (Henry and June).

Where's Your Mask?

Story by Russell Nohelty
Art by Nic Touris

The Rapunzel story, only she doesn't want to let down her long hair. She's more worried about the Prince's lack of hygiene.

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Dak & Kish

Story by Mike Connell
Art by Kevin Manklow

This one was a bit of a head-scratcher. Native American setting, retelling the Hansel and Gretel legend. But with werewolves...

With Eyes So Large

Written by L.K. Ingino
Art by Jorge Luis Gabotto

The three sisters: one-eyed, two-eyed and three-eyed. Two-eye (the Cinderella character) has a secret, a power given to her by her fairy godmother. It ends weird.

Frieda and the Seven Ne'er-do-wells

Written by Clay Adams and John Edingfield II
Art by John Edingfield II

It's really funny, the 'Old Woman in the Shoe' or maybe Snow White told in a trailer park. Things end badly for the traveling Fuller Brush Salesman!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Screw the Man, I'll Take the Centaur

Written by Phil Butehorn
Art by Sonya Kinsey

The Dating Game from the 1970s applied to a Renaissance atmosphere, with a princess quizzing three available bachelors which one wants to marry them. A funny concept, but then it goes a bit haywire midway through. The one she picks has a strange physical quirk about him she seems to gravitate to (see the title). I like the colored pencil look!

Red: Enter the Wolf Den

By Joe Ryan

Red Riding Hood is a mall-rat teenager who hates the idea of visiting Grandma. But she has to, so she schleps her basket of cookies up to meet her in the forest. The colors are bright and vibrant, but the execution could've used some polish.

Well, there you go!

The first half. Second half next week, see you then!

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