NomadMania believes in equality and diversity. We have tried to focus and highlight these values over the past years. Our vision and mission are based on these pillars.

Last week we announced the start of the Envoy Programme which provoked an active discussion in the community due to unequal gender representation. We got it wrong in this case, and with your help, we will get it right.

We'd like to stress that women are particularly welcome to join us and become NomadMania Envoys in any region, whether the positions have or have not been filled. They are also more than welcome to apply as 'Supreme Envoys', a term that we will be changing given that it appears offensive to many. Our founder Harry Mitsidis apologises for his choice of title (he thought it would be amusing). 

We are more than happy to have two, or even more, Envoys in every location as long as you're able to volunteer a decent amount of hours per month for NomadMania Envoy projects and that this is continuous over the course of your tenure i.e. not just enthusiasm the first month or two.

See all the details and express your interest here

Survey – Women in Travel

There are always new lessons to learn. We are curious to investigate things further. And to illustrate our commitment to serving female travellers, we invite you to participate in this survey.

This aims to discover both some of the attitudes of women themselves as travellers and to investigate how men perceive women as travellers.

The results of this poll based on YOUR responses will be presented at the end of March in a report. Welcome to participate in our research here.

Unequal Opportunities in Travel

We believe that NomadMania is the most inclusive travel project that we know of. Last month, in February, we put the spotlight on our LPI (Low Passport Index) members and published a small report on Unequal Opportunities in Travel.

Additionally, our member Raiiq Ridwan, a Bangladeshi traveller who has visited 116 countries with his passport (8th weakest in the world) has composed a guest post about his experience of Travelling with a Weak Passport.

"A trip to Senegal once turned into a nightmare when immigration officials detained us for six hours due to a supposed visa requirement that didn’t exist. (...) The Philippines Embassy required my form to be notarized. For the Uruguayan visa, I visited the embassy three times: to apply, to pay the fee, and to get the visa printed. The Peruvian Embassy wanted a same-day ATM “mini-statement” along with a bank statement, to prove my funds were real." 

Read about Raiiq's journey here!

First Envoy Meeting in San Francisco

In the meantime last Friday we hosted our first official Envoy Meeting in San Francisco! A big thanks to our Local Envoy for Western US & Alaska Lucy Hsu for a fantastic event joined by 23 travellers.

With a very wide diversity in terms of ethnicity as well as age, this joyous gathering was a manifestation of the welcoming spirit of NomadMania.

Read the event report here including a short casual video conversation between Lucy and our founder, Harry Mitsidis, on how everything went.

The Next NomadMania Meeting will take place in Shanghai on March 9, hosted by our Local Envoy for China & Mongolia Katherine Wei and Eugenio Bregolat, the Supreme Envoy for Asia, Australia and the Pacific.

It's the perfect place to swap travel tales and meet fellow NomadMania members. Also, check out our calendar for other upcoming events globally.

Syria Tour Slots Available!

Exciting news! A few spots are available for our 3rd tour in Syria - scheduled for June 5-12!

Secure your place for an unforgettable adventure led by our NomadMania Award-Winning Fixer, Fadi Assi who won the Most Trusted Local Fixer award at our NomadMania 2023 Travel Awards!

New DARE regions in Southern Europe

A special DARE highlight this week is Berlengas Archipelago located off the coast of Peniche, Portugal, in the Oeste region. These small stunning islands offer breathtaking nature and a peaceful escape from the mainland.

The other DARE places to explore this week:


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