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Welcome to my first newsletter!

I've been thinking of starting a newsletter for months and thought I'd finally take the plunge! 

This is a way I can connect with YOU more! I want a space where I can get more personal and develop a deeper connection with those who are following my journey. 

I'll be sharing any of my recent posts I think you'll really benefit from, exclusive content and things I'm loving right now in the wellness space - especially relating to lifestyle medicine, emotional well being & positive psychology. 

By being in my newsletter you'll be the first to hear about any new and exciting developments which I or this platform is going through.

This is definitely a work in progress and I hope the newsletter will just keep getting better and better with time! 

Key things on the platform this week...

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dremmathurston ✨BOX BREATHING ✨⠀

🧘🏼‍♀️Evidence is gathering supporting the use of breathing techniques for stress & anxiety management. ⠀

📦I find box breathing a particularly useful technique as I can guide patients quickly through it – I’ve been doing this even on the phone with patients in the recent climate. ⠀

📦It’s apparently used by Navy Seals too - so makes me feel hard core! ⠀

📦 To practice box breathing you picture a square in your mind, breathe in up the left vertical edge of the square for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds picturing moving along the top horizontal edge, and then breathe out for 4 seconds moving down the right vertical edge of the square, then hold again for 4 seconds along the bottom horizontal edge to complete the square, and repeat as many times as you like. ⠀

🧘🏼‍♀️Breathing exercises are great for managing stress and anxiety, one thing I think makes them stand out so much is that they are so subtle that no one needs to know you’re doing them where ever you are. ⠀

#boxbreathing #breathe #breathingtechniques #powerofthebreath #stressmanagement #anxiety #mentalwellbeing
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Thing's I'm loving in the wellness space right now...

The Happy Place Festival - VIRTUAL

Fearne Cotton and her team at The Happy Place Festival 2020 have pulled off an amazing achievement of taking their in-person event online - for a WHOLE MONTH! from 12th June - 12th July they are putting on a great show. And don't worry if you miss anything live, it's all up on Fearne's YouTube for you to catch up on. Click on the picture to the left to enter a world of the meditation mountain, wellbeing garden and talk lounge and so, so much more.

Yogi Bare bamboo blocks

I have had a Yogi Bare mat for a over a year now, I love their branding and the sustainability ethos of the company. They have mats which support charities such as Hometree and Sea Shepherd. They have also recently had to change their logo which must have been a real challenging time. More, now than every, I think it's important we support small businesses as much as possible. I've been practicing with cheap foam yoga blocks for a while and this week I upgraded to these beautiful, sturdier, bamboo blocks from Yogi Bare. 

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