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Eight years ago, I wrote my very first Tia Louise book, ONE TO HOLD.

It's the story of Derek Alexander, a retired Marine turned private investigator, who encounters Melissa Jones, a beautiful, small-town girl at a spa resort in the desert. 

The two are running from their own private demons, but for a week, they put all that aside and have smokin' hot sexy-times. (Yay!) 🎉🔥

The only problem is when they return to their lives, some seriously messed up information is revealed... 😮

I absolutely LOVE this book. Readers LOVED this book. It was in Amazon's Top 100 for weeks. It was #1 in Military romance for weeks... It was #1 on Apple Books, Top 20 on Nook... It was a hit! 

It's possible you've read it. 😂 If you haven't, now's the perfect time to curl up with this sizzling little story...

Readers demanded more, so it's also the start of the 8-book "One to Hold" series... 

All eight books got a facelift (new paperbacks are coming soon), so check it out! Let me know what you think!

ONE TO HOLD is FREE to download through Saturday, and now for the first time ever, the ENTIRE SERIES is Free to read in Kindle Unlimited! 


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*Free in Kindle Unlimited! Many are available on Audio.

Stretching out in my bed, I took a new box. I imagined lining it with satin and flower petals; little pillows for cushions. That’s where I put Derek and his memories.

I pictured myself small, climbing into the box with him. He was lying back in his grey slacks. The button-down he wore was open, and I could see every line on his sculpted torso.

That smile was on his lips as he watched me approach. I ran my fingers along the lines of his stomach, gazing into his eyes that darkened as I touched him.

His kiss, the same one he gave me beside the fire pit, was gentle but hungry. Our pace grew faster as we kissed each other again and again, tongues entwining, heat growing between my legs, until he pulled me under him.

My breathing was fast, my whole body tense with anticipation, so wet, so ready for his awesome fullness. I felt his tip pressing into me, filling me, as a thought drifted through my mind.

We’d never done it in a bed…

Binge the Series Today!

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*Many are available on Audio.

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His head lifts, and he kisses the side of my neck. “I’ve never really thought about it before. Until a witchy redhead waltzed into my life with a body to make any man weep and a brain sharp enough to make it all unfair.”

Rolling against the wall, I turn to face him, lifting my arms onto his shoulders. “Who are you and what did you do with the bully I know named Spencer?” 

Smoky hazel eyes meet mine, and he’s still grinning like a very bad boy. “You love bullies. It’s why I had to get you away from Rick, the recently divorced douche.”

“You didn’t have to get me away from him.”

I had no intention of going anywhere with anyone…

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Fall in LOVE with my sexy, wounded billionaire and the feisty redhead who melts his icy walls... 

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