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I am truly thankful for you! 

I hope your day is filled with lots of love and kindness and that you're staying safe and healthy. 

To show my gratitude, I've decided to send this newsletter out TODAY instead of next week, like I initially planned.

We've all been there — sitting on the edge of our seat, anxiously awaiting the release of a highly-anticipated book. It feels like time will never pass, and we will always be in that limbo.

I get it! I really, really do. so to make it easier on you, I'm giving you — yes, YOU! — the chance to be one of the first people to read "Scars & Souvenirs" before it enters the world!

That's right!

You can be one of my first (ever) ARC readers.

ARC readers are among the few who get to read a book before its release date. And you can be one for me, if you'd like!

The only thing I ask if you sign up to be an ARC reader, to please give your absolutely honest opinion. Tell me of any plot-holes, typos, or generally awkward bits you stumble upon so that the published version of "Scars & Souvenirs" is the very best it can be. Don't worry about hurting my feelings — I have none!

Okay, okay, I jest. Honestly, though, your honest and constructive critique can only serve to make this book the most polished version possible.

If you'd rather wait to read the book when it comes out, hey, that's great! No harm done, I promise! If you'd rather be an ARC reader, awesome! Either way is absolutely fine to me.

All I can say is I'm impatient to hear of your reactions when "Scars & Souvenirs" hits (electronic) shelves!


P.S. You're amazing, and I love you. And if there's anything I can do to make these newsletters better, feel free to let me know just by replying to this email (:

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