Dear Friends:

This whole vaccine thing is divisive.  I am hearing it all the time.  "Have you been vaccinated?"...

One of my sons felt the need to be vaccinated...twice actually.  I love him. 

Here are some pictures of his blood before he used the Ionzing body detox BodyGuard/EarthTides and after he used the device.  The point I am making here is.  Whether or not we have been vaccinated,  our blood needs to be cleaned and your BodyGuard/EarthTides will do just that.  Look at what 45 minutes will do for the blood.  The negative ionization of the foot bath gives energy to every cell of your body and with this energy the cells can now repelle each other for the purpose of getting rid of toxins and taking on oxygen and nutrients.  I am encouraging everyone to use their device frequently and share your resources with those you love.