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April 15th, October 5th. Every year without fail, since 2016, I have put out a book on those two days. That will not change any time soon. However, I need to explain a bit of a snafu I hit this year and I have a bit of an announcement to go with it.

In October, I released Onslaught of Madness. It is the book that opens my new series The Madness Wars. There are four books in the series. But really five.

See an event occurs in book one of the series that sets off a chain of events that need to be told. That chain does not really fit with the scheme of the series. It is happening during the first, the second, and the third book of The Madness Wars. It is vital to understand the entire story, yet it can be skipped and you will get the entire war. It’s a bit of an abnormality. Then there is the length.

The four main books are between 800 and 900 pages long. They are real doorstoppers and I have promised to release one every six months. However, this tricky fifth book is only 240 pages long. So how would this be, I ask you?

I promise my readers a book every six months. The reader expects a doorstopper that takes them further into the story, but when they read Onslaught and are ready for the next installment, they get a 240-page companion book instead. If I were the reader, I would feel cheated. I would be right to. I was promised a book of the series and this is what I get, a small book that does not follow the story of the epic series but goes off on a tangent.

I feel like the reader would be mad at this and I think they would be right to be. So, my team and I have been hard at work fighting to get things ready early. I can say that the companion book is ready, has been through its three editors and its nine drafts, and is set to go. At the same time, Wrath of Madness (The Madness Wars Book Two) is so close to done that I can say with authority it will be ready on its due date of April 15th.

So, I guess my announcement is that I will be releasing the companion book to The Madness Wars early, which pushes the entire series up six months. There will be less of a wait than we originally thought and my story will reach my readers sooner than we had expected.

Look for Crisis of Fate, the Madness Wars Companion Novel, to be released February 15th. Then watch for Wrath of Madness to come out on my regular release day of April 15th.

Thanks for your time. Happy reading!

Pre-order Crisis of Fate

If the above gets you as excited as it does me, then here's a link to preorder my February 15th release, Crisis of Fate.

Crisis of Fate ARCs

I've got ARC ebooks to give away to anyone who's interested in writing a review and has read Onslaught of Madness. Email me at and I'll get it right to you.

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