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We had the goal to create a harness which will help to win competitions. A harness - which will be a traveller’s true friend. A harness, which will inspire hike&fly adventures and true willpower challenges.

We had the goal to create a modern and innovative harness for your comfort and convenience. Your pleasure in every flight is our goal. If something disturbs you we take it as our challenge. Harness stability is our aim. And our main goal is your safety and confidence in any weather conditions. Harness robustness must not be compromised by its lightweight. Our policy is wise resources consumption.

And so we designed the VIBE. Adaptable for all your possible needs: competitions, cross-country flights and hike&fly adventures.

The common requirements for competition harnesses are significantly different from regular XC needs. But we did our best to unite this two worlds: VIBE design allows adaptation for both roles, and you will get all you need.


Comfort is our primary goal for every harness design. Proper seatboard design is a key feature for a relaxed feel in every flight, especially in long ones. Back support, adaptable for individual body shape helps to achieve this goal. We have used our Genesis Race seat design for the Vibe. It is a hybrid concept with a small seat-plate in the middle and additional back and lower back support. The upper-back is supported by an anatomic shape near the pilot’s neck. An additional pillow near the lower-back can be adjusted for pilot back shape. Our seat helps the pilot to fix his back while pushing the speed system or thermalling. This hybrid seatboard concept gets the best from a seatboard and a hammock harnesses.

The Vibe has a stability system (ABS) in two orthogonal plans. The pilot can override the ABS settings during the flight with a minimum input: this allows him to change the harness feel after assessing the true weather conditions and accoding to the actual turbulence.

Legs fatigue is a common issue for many pilots … not with the Vibe! It offers a complete leg support with zero muscle power required from the Pilot. the Cocoon shape remains intact and independent from legs tensions, even when totally relaxed.

Vibe as multi tool

The harness is not just a place where the pilot spends some time.  Whether the pilot is rushing to goal on competitions, planning to improve his personal XC record,  or striving to get great pictures of mountains and valleys. The harness  becomes a fundamental tool for a wide variety of the pilot’s purpose.

Many pilots are taking cameras, different instruments, devices and other things needed during their flights. We have added a completely new design of pockets to the Vibe. Placed internally, this pockets allows the Pilot to reach all needed things, and easily put them back into the same place :) All pockets are easily reachable, clearly visible and suited to everything from gloves to big lens camera. In addition there’s even a special radio pocket.

This new internal pockets enable us to remove all the external ones, which could spoil the harness's aerodynamic shape.

As confirmed by pilots feedback, we gave the Vibe a really big back baggage compartment. This way the pilot can relax about where to put all his belongings, hydration system or even -  walking poles. The limit is his his imagination and wing load, not the harness internal capacity.

Cockpit design defines usability of navigation instruments. Convenience and good positioning of these instruments may define the result of a successful flight. The Vibe has a big instruments panel in its cockpit - connected with the chest-strap through a magnetic buckle (which can resist 50Kg load). The cockpit is well fixed with an adjustable angle-  making sure the instruments panel will keep a stable position even in different flight circumstances.

Some flight instruments require a power supply during the flight. The Vibe’s cockpit has a special power bank pocket with an USB-cable hole. A detachable instrument panel allows to easily dismount all instruments at once in order to keep them safe separately from the backpack.

Some gliders may require to carry ballast under certain weather conditions. With this in mind we’ve set the Vibe  with two different ballast compartments: one in the front cockpit and a second one under the seat, allowing to carry 5 liters each. 

The Vibe’s front ballast container has a special support pillar, removing the whole weight out of the Pilot’s legs. This  common issue will be this way completely solved. In addition we have added a drainage holes for the ballast compartments making it totally adjustable in flight

The Anti-G system became a standard add-on these days. Higher aspect ratio gliders require this equipment for a safe and quick descent in special conditions.  The Vibe has a special pocket for an Anti-G chute, which is accessible with both the right and left hand allowing  for a fast and convenient deployment.

The speed system is possibly the most important equipment for modern XC competitions. The Vibe “race version” uses a 3-step speed-system with independently adjustable rigid steps. The first two steps are designed for use with one foot, while the last step is usable with 1 or 2 feet. We use Ronstan (™) pulleys and Dyneema line.

We have also improved the cocoon closure system adding a magnetic buckle.


Safety is the main requirement for any piece of paragliding equipment, including harnesses. 

The Vibe allows you  to select the reserve position and even the number of reserve compartments: The first version has a side position and the second one has two reserves positioned sideways and front-mounted

A front-mounted reserve can be used with both hands and throwed to any side: left or right. A detachable reserve container can be mounted fast and easily to the carabiners with a certified (2.2 tons) lock.

A side reserve can also be easily installed. 


The Vibe has a combined mousse bag and airbag protection.  

The Airbag function is performed by the inflated tail on the back , inflated with air during the flight.

The Vibe has three different mousse bag compartment options: a classic moussebag, a pre-inflatable and another one designed specially for bivouac-fly.


We have added a high rear fairing behind the Pilot’s head. This solution has the highest aerodynamic efficiency, helping the Pilot to perform better,  specially at higher speeds where it will reward him with a much better glide ratio.


We eliminated some rigid parts in the back fairing. This makes the Vibe more compact and allows an easy packing in order to fit any standard paragliding backpack.

We are using a lot  of carbon in order to reduce the Vibe’s weight: seatplate, footplate, rigid parts in the leg support system and a rigid ballast support in the cockpit.

The Vibe is an easy transformable harness. Several elements are easy to  replace due to our extensive use of  zippers, buckles and lockers. It is possible to replace different elements in order to adapt this harness for different use-cases and requirements. From very light harness to a full race comp harness in no time!

Such construction is also very friendly to any occasional repair, allowing to replace any broken part very easily.

Our main goal is to make our harnesses sturdy enough to outcome the occasional bad landings and contribute to make pilots happy for a  long time. Building a long lasting equipment will help to use the resources of our planet  more rationally.

With each NearBirds harness we design, we are applying all our knowledge and experience and taking in accountour requirements and feedback. We are listening to every pilot, from student to test pilots and World tops pilots. 

Our aim is to help you  to make every flight memorable.

We hope to succeed with it!

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Available full version for XC and Competitions


M    165 - 175 

L     175 - 185 

XL   185- 200

Weight for full version for size M - 4,815 kg



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