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During times of great change and uncertainty people have always sought out community and ceremony for a sense of peace, connection and healing.

A cacao ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to connect inside, open your heart and get clarity and guidance on answers you may be seeking.

We would love to gather with you virtually to feel that connection and offer a sense of heart opening peace to each of you. Together we can send that beautiful heart energy out to the globe.

We recently returned from Guatemala where we had amazing experiences in Cacao ceremonies with Keith of Keith's Cacao and our source of ceremonial grade cacao. We hiked up into the rainforest and met and hugged the cacao trees, picked and opened cacao pods, met indigenous cacao farmers living high on the side of a volcano and so much more. Since returning we have embarked on a daily cacao practice that not only nourishes our bodies and spirits but also calms us emotionally, making it easier to mitigate the fears and concerns of this pandemic.

This amazing photo above is the sprouting or rising of the cacao "deva" from the cacao seed we brought back and planted from Guatemala last month. Just look at her!! She is so ready to love and support us!

We will be offering two virtual ceremonies on 4/18 & 4/26. We will also offer an optional free daily support between the ceremonies, a personal journey of sorts where you drop into an even deeper level of self-care and at-home retreat. We will provide encouragement to follow a healthy immune supportive diet during this week with  daily tips coming to your inbox. 

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

The combination of drinking ceremonial grade Cacao and experiencing Breath, Sound Healing and Guided Meditation is an explosive, heart-opening mix, raising the vibrational frequency within every cell of your body and opening the doors to dimensions of intuitive knowing, connection to self and others, and a sense of release and peace. 

Cacao enhances your ability to place your mind on pause while you experience realms of higher consciousness. And it will allow you to connect more deeply to your heart chakra. With this plant medicine, you set an intention and then let the plant medicine assist in guiding you gently where you want or need to go.

We only serve the highest grade ceremonial organic, Criollo Guatemalan cacao made from exceptional quality cacao beans that have been minimally roasted and processed to maintain their natural energetic and health-promoting properties. We ensure this quality by using a wild variety that is traditionally grown and hand-prepared by indigenous Mayan people in the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala. This cacao is grown and processed without any chemicals and the local women who prepare the cacao receive fair pay for their work.

We have a direct relationship to our cacao source and recently returned from Guatemala where we personally met not only the cacao trees but the indigenous Mayan people responsible for preparing this incredible plant medicine for you.

Ticket purchase: Tickets are $20 for each event. All proceeds with be donated to the local food pantry in Park City which is currrently feeding hundreds of families since the economic downturn. If finances for the $20 ticket are an issue for you, understand no one will be turned away. We will set up a free ticket option as well. 

Click on link below to reserve your spot!

Ceremony tickets here

How to order your cacao: Since this is a virtual event, you will need to order and prepare your cacao for the ceremony. Keith's Cacao is still shipping and you should plan/allow about a week to recieve your ceremonial bar. We suggest the whole bar so you can continue to have ceremony as often as you like and share it with your family and friends. If you are local to Park City, we have a limited amount of bars to sell.

Order Your Ceremonial Cacao Here

How to Prepare:  Since this is a virtual ceremony, we  will send you via email (after you have purchased your ticket for ceremony), our ceremonial cacao recipe, which you can make at home. We will also provide a link to a video to show you how to make your drink while honoring the Cacao Spirit, so that it is truly ceremonial and retains all its active compounds. You will prepare your cacao prior to the call and we will consume it within the first 15-20 minutes together in ceremony so have it ready when you join the call.

Access for the Zoom call: You will receive an email from Cheryl  with details on how to access the Zoom call after you have purchased your ticket/s. You will be prompted to download Zoom onto your computer ahead of the call and will need reliable online access. 

Ceremony start: 4:00 pm MT. Ceremony end: 6:30:pm MT. 

Big Love & Blessings for Good Health & Peace!

Cheryl & Curtis


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