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The Stelladaur Series
The Portal
Imagine. Believe. Discover.
Fall 2020 Edition


Happy autumn and welcome to The Portal!

Undoubtedly individual lives and families everywhere have been affected by the ongoing complexities and varied uncertainties in our world, especially during 2020. Now more than ever we might each benefit from a simple daily meditation, one that allows us to look beyond the obvious, past the “new normal”, and through ever-changing unpredictability. I recommend that we take a few minutes every day to visit a certain place which is accessible anywhere, offers meaningful and energizing experiences, creates calm environments, renews strength, considers possibilities, and promises positive outlooks. Take time each day to explore the remarkable realm of imagination! This magical place quiets the mind and enlivens the soul, allowing pure energy to flow through freely—it is both the embryo and the quintessence of creativity.

As humans we have the unique ability to create anything in our mind, to believe such a thing can be manifest in some form, and then discover how to actually bring it into existence in our life. Each step—imagine, believe and discover—is a key factor in metaphorically stepping through a portal to look at something from a different perspective and to possibly consider never-considered-before possibilities.

Without getting too philosophical, mathematical, judgmental, or delving into quantum physics and the laws of the universe in which we exist, it has been said that anything the human brain can imagine is actually possible—somewhere! It may, or may not, be a fact that there are endless seemingly impossible things of which an existence of such cannot be proven. However, perhaps this is merely because some things do not or cannot exist in a three-dimensional world. Or cannot be created or manifested with the use of only five senses: sight, touch, sound, taste or smell. Imagination is like a sixth sense that can penetrate through any perceived or unperceived barrier. It is a limitless and powerful gift within you!

On this autumn day and throughout the season, use your imagination to help you face uncertainties, overcome challenges, let go of disappointments, or solve a problem. With a little imagination, colors are more brilliant and stars shine brighter. With big imagination, real change happens.

In this edition

  • Author Updates
  • The Stelladaur Academy
  • Step Into The Portal
  • Beyond The Portal
Author Updates

This has been an incredibly busy season for me personally with unusual demands on my time and energy. I continue to work on Forever Changed Book 4 of the series and had hoped to have it off to my editor by the end of this year. But alas (yes, I use that word!), it will be into the coming year before it’s ready for her remarkable fine-tooth-combing expertise. At first glance, this realization is indeed disappointing. However, one of the many things I’ve learned as an author is that juggling daily life while trying to give as much time to writing as I’d like, is the same challenge many people have in finding balance between professional, personal and family commitments and priorities. As I’ve become more aware, settled and calm with the “seasons” of my life, I’ve learned to enjoy the process of completing a novel more fully, without self-imposed completion dates. Soon enough, the season passes, and I discover that a book is finished at the best possible time for that piece. Besides, to be “forever changed” takes time.

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The Stelladaur Academy for Youth

With a rising increase in the number of students who are now homeschooled and/or taking classes online, The Stelladaur Academy provides timely options for educational enrichment.

Read reviews on our innovative curriculum for students 9-17 years of age.

NOW is the time to introduce your student to the Stelladaur Academy! The FREE Discovery Guide and exciting Super Hero Activity Guide will help kids explore a world where fantasy, imagination, and reality unite—and give them hope for their future!

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Step Into the Portal

Throughout autumn and the holiday season, people tend to focus more on trying to live with a grateful heart and recognize reasons to be thankful. Amidst a myriad of differences, significant global changes, national uncertainty, and even a pandemic, humankind finds ways to be more grateful and show kindness during this season more than other times during the year. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a simple way to for us all to be more aware of what we have, instead of lamenting what we don’t or complaining about what we mistakenly feel entitled to?

In Finding Tir Na Nog, Reilly and Norah go through a portal to Zora, where they meet Flavio Xanthipee.

“Flavio’s lower body and four legs were that of a horse, with a long tail of thick golden threads. His torso was that of a man with a smooth bare chest and a pale jasmine color.”

The creature takes them to the Well of Infused Light where they discover the secret to finding hope in each moment.

“Do not resist what is,” Flavio Xanthipee implored. “What you resist will continue to scorn you, haunt and plague you—until you find the golden thread woven into it. Look again.” Flavior Xanthipee took a step forward and nudged Reilly from behind. Although Reilly had felt great anticipation moments before, he was now equally gripped with fear.

“Move away from the resistance—into hope,” the horseman said.

“How?” Reilly cried out.

“Find a reason to be grateful for the moment.”

Flooded with grief and sadness, Reilly and Norah both struggle with the concept of gratitude, especially during a time when they face many unanswered questions. But Flavio persists.

“Your collective gratitude offers answers to the questions locked inside of you, but which can only be revealed upon your asking,” Flavio Xanthipee said. “Look for the good that emerges out of difficulties, challenges and sorrow, and you will always find reasons to be grateful. Gratitude dispels the gloom of any dark moment and opens our hearts to hope.”

Still not convinced that they have the strength to live with gratitude, the creature gives Reilly and Norah a gift, which then goes with them home back through the portal.

“Welcoming whatever comes is a rare thread of gratitude woven only into open hearts and minds.” Flavio Xanthipee swept his tail up to his torso and held it in his hands. He pulled gently on two thick strands of golden hair and held them up to the sunlight. “Give me your wrists.”

Reilly and Norah held out their left arms. Flavio Xanthipee wrapped the threads around their wrists and tied them securely. “If you find yourself empty with ingratitude, these golden threads will help you shift focus.”

As a practical way to recognize and feel gratitude in and for any situation or circumstance, set a notification on your phone to chime on the hour, or certain times throughout the day. Then take a few moments to replace resistance with gratitude.

Beyond the Portal

Our seventh grandchild arrived two months ago, so “Papa” and “Mima” were on duty for a couple of weeks helping with his very active two-year old sister and four-year old brother. Playing nonstop with the kiddos reminded me how important it is to let go of unnecessary peripheral distractions and to be fully present in the now. Children do this innately, largely because they are constantly engaged in imaginative play. Unknowingly, they often go through portals of their imagination as a productive way to create and experience their world the way they want it to be.

Valentine Davies expressed it well in Miracle on 34th Street: “To me the imagination is a place all by itself. A very wonderful country. You’ve heard of the British Nation and the French Nation? Well, this is the Imagination. And once you get there you can do almost anything you want.”


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