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Leonhard Lapin turned 70 – congratulations!

Photo: Sander Ilvest, Postimees

Professor Emeritus Leonhard Lapin of the Estonian Academy of Arts celebrated his 70th birthday by opening an exhibition at the Estonian Lithography Centre, where he presented his lithograph series titled Process. The anniversary programme of the legendary artist will continue in Kumu Art Museum in February where different stages of his 50-year-long creative journey will be displayed to the public.

Happy birthday, Leo!

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EAA Design Showcase to present innovative products and services developed in cooperation with enterprises

On 17 January 2018, the Estonian Academy of Arts will for the first time organise the EAA Design Showcase to introduce the freshest and most exciting projects that have emerged from cooperation between EAA and various enterprises.

In Luther Machinery Hall, concepts, prototypes and final solutions of new and innovative products and services will be presented showcasing new developments in banking, energy management, the restaurant industry and other fields.

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Erki Kasemets and Fideelia-Signe Roots successfully defended their artistic doctoral theses

In December, the Estonian Academy of Arts had two successful defences of artistic practice based doctoral theses. Erki Kasemets defended his thesis “Outside the Ordinary: Party, Garbage and Polygon Theatre” and Fideelia-Signe Roots her thesis “Woman as a Hero”. Both were awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the speciality of Art and Design.


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Eduard Wiiralt Scholarship awarded to Eva Mustonen and Mirjam Reili

Photo: Siim Lõvi/ERR

Minister of Culture Indrek Saar presented the Eduard Wiirald Scholarships. The scholarships were awarded to EAA master’s student Eva Mustonen and Mirjam Reili, EAA alumna in graphic design, and a current master’s student at the ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design in Arnhem.


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EAA Open Academy recognised supervisors and coordinators of continuing education courses

In 2017, more than 80 supervisors and lecturers taught and more than 1,200 students of various ages studied at the Open Academy. The educators of the year were chosen based on the feedback from students and staff members.

The best supervisors and coordinators of the year are Kätlin Kaljuvee, Olivia Verev, Alina Nurmist and Veiko Tammjärv.

Well done!

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EAA conservation and art history students left their mark at the new Rauaniidi building

On 2-5 January, the Theoretical and Methodological Issues of Mural Painting Conservation workshop took place at the Department of Cultural Heritage and Conservation and was supervised by Werner Schmid, a conservator of mural paintings with vast international experience based in Rome.

The practical part of the workshop was carried out in the department’s future studio space at the new EAA building – currently in the final stages of construction – the walls of which were covered with copies of historical frescos. This symbolically significant workshop is the third of its kind and hopefully it won’t have to be repeated for some time. Every building the Department of Cultural Heritage and Conservation has moved in has been adorned with new frescos: the new academic premises were dedicated in the same manner on Pikk Street in 2004, on Suur-Kloostri in 2008 and now, in 2018, at the Rauaniidi building.

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EAA Winter Academy “Building Lives” to start on 15 January

The 2018 Winter School of the Estonian Academy of Arts takes place on 15-19 January at EAA’s Suur-Kloostri building. The Winter Academy will explore the possibilities to correlate personal maturing and the life stages of buildings. Also, new tools, concepts and frameworks for understanding the plural life stages of the built environment will be offered.

The Winter Academy is organised by Francisco Martínez; the participants include researchers, artists, designers and architects.

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Master’s studies at EAA – life after bachelor’s studies and what makes EAA master’s studies special?

The seminar will be led by the Head of General Theoretical Studies Maarin Ektermann and Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Anne Pikkov; further contributors include Associate Professor at the Faculty of Design Merike Rehepapp, Professor Lennart Mänd and representatives of Rundum and the Neanderthal Cave School.

The seminar will take place on 11 January 2018 at 15:00-18:00 in room S-103, Suur-Kloostri 11.

It’s still possible to sign up!

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Marge Monko’s solo show Stones Against Diamonds, Diamonds Against Stones at Tallinn City Gallery

On Thursday 11 January, Marge Monko, Professor at the EAA Department of Photography, will open her personal exhibition titled Stones Against Diamonds, Diamonds Against Stones. The exhibition will display new video, photography and installation works that study the keywords used to construct femininity in commercial culture: beauty, desirability and fertility. The exhibition is curated by Evelien Bracke.

The opening will take place on Thursday 11 January at 18:00 and the exhibition will run until 11 February.

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Tõnis Saadoja’s exhibition Studio at Art Hall Gallery

Studio is an exhibition that examines pictures as processes; it speaks primarily about painting, by dissecting the construction and architecture of painting. This is the scope of my personal painting space on a miniature scale,” explained Tõnis Saadoja, EAA alumni and teaching staff member.

The opening will take place on Thursday 11 January at 17:00 at the Art Hall Gallery.

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On-going exhibitions:

Kadri Toom’s personal exhibition Screen Dream at Hobusepea Gallery

On Wednesday 20 December at 18:00, graduate of the EAA Department of Graphic Art Kadri Toom will open a personal exhibition entitled Screen Dream at Hobusepea Gallery.

Kadri Toom: “The exhibited works have been inspired by the intense colours of screens, high-resolution landscapes on background images, reflections, light waves, superficial and in-depth structures.”

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Noëmi Merca’s exhibition Pinky-Swear at EAA Gallery

Noëmi Merca (b. 1991 in France) lives and works in Paris. She devised the Diesel Project Space ( with Xavier Mary.

The exhibition will remain on view until 13 January 2018.


New book from EAA Press: Signals from the Periphery. Alternative Practices of Graphic Designers

The book is a continuation of the homonymous exhibition that took place in Tallinn Art Hall last summer and focused on urgent developments in graphic design. The book was compiled by Elisabeth Klement and Laura Pappa, and it was published by the Estonian Academy of Arts Press.

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