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Crowdfunding Campaign
Newsletter • Thursday 16 July 2020

We are building the first-ever Non-Profit Whole Foods Factory with the sole purpose to manufacture nutrient-dense morning meals at pioneering low cost for children from poverty-stricken communities in South Africa.

Every morning millions of children eat ready-to-eat breakfast cereals supplied and prepared by feeding schemes and non-profit organisations. 

These ready-to-eat breakfast cereals are bought from commercial driven corporate food factories.

In South Africa the most vulnerable children in our society rely on child feeding schemes for their breakfast meals – in many cases this will be their only meal for the day.

Most of the time the instant cereals supplied contain only; maize meal, sugar and salt. Food scientists call it ‘nutrient-poor, sugar-rich’.

Typically, these meals contribute towards growth deficiencies in children called ‘silent hunger’ or stunting with life-long devastating effects.. 

Why do we need your help?

Food Manufacturers are profit-focused. To keep their doors open, they need to generate profits for their investors or owners.

  • To win the feeding scheme tenders, they need to offer the cheapest possible meals.
  • When they add better or more expensive nutrients to their recipes, the meals become too expensive.
Our model is different:
  • We manufacture from within a Non-Profit business structure
  • Our shareholder is concerned about nutritional values rather than profits
  • Existing feeding scheme organizations can now purchase substantially better meals at equal or lower prices than what they currently do.

But there are challenges

Traditional financing institutions and banks do not finance non-profit organisations. Investors do not invest in something that will not make a profit and pay them dividends!

With your assistance and contribution to the project (no matter what size or value), we can do something about increasing meal qualities to end stunting amongst our poverty-stricken children.

    Crowd Funding Campaign

    The complete project costs to erect the first plant is R11m.  We have already managed to raise 65% of the funds and the first extruders are paid and is on their way.

    We still need R4m to start manufacturing in Oct 2020.

    So bottom line: The funding for this project needs to come from the good-heartedness of individuals like yourselves.

    If you are a company making a donation, we are a Level 1 B-BBEE company and can supply an 18A certificate immediately.

    If this project excites you – please support us and become part of this Life Changing Game Changer!

    Help Us Fund

    “A local solution to a global problem”

    The Meal

    StartWell is a highly nutritious morning meal aimed for underprivileged communities in South Africa. Due to the value of the ingredients, the product is too expensive to be channeled through normal retail and government sponsored feeding schemes. Therefore, an innovative business model was designed and endorsed by various industry specialists and social impact strategists.

    Learn more

    In our next newsletter, we will address the nutritious value of corn-soy blends currently used by many South African child feeding schemes.

    Until next time. Eat Well with StartWell!

    Inani Start Well Foundation
    Registered NGO: 207-917 NPO

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