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RDAEP poised to strengthen Eyre Peninsula tourism marketing and brand positioning. 

Regional Development Australia Eyre Peninsula (RDAEP) has committed to delivering a Destination Marketing Plan, which will align with a broader project to review the Eyre Peninsula brand.

The Plan will better position the region to capitalise on the significant post-COVID tourism revival expected across Australia, which forecasts an economic stimulus for regional economies.

RDAEP will partner with Tourism eSchool, South Australian visitor economy specialists, to deliver a Plan that identifies opportunities to grow the EP’s visitor economy through activities focusing on social, cultural, and environmental stewardship as well as economic growth, to ensure sustainable outcomes for the community.

Tourism eSchool Director Paige Rowett said it will ensure a consistent and collaborative approach to marketing and visitor servicing and will set the direction for investment over the next three years.

“To market a destination there must be strong alignment between the destination’s brand promise and its visitor experiences, and both must appeal to the destination’s best visitors – those who deliver the best social, economic and environmental outcomes for the local communities within the destination.”

The Destination Marketing Plan will also contribute to the Eyre Peninsula’s brand project, which is being led by South Australian brand communication agency Fuller.

The brand review is being facilitated by RDAEP in conjunction with the region’s 11 local councils and is due for completion in early 2023.

Managing Director at Fuller, Will Fuller, said the project would include a review of the current position of the Eyre Peninsula and consider a refresh to better represent its diverse DNA.

“Brand positioning should be inclusive of all stakeholders– whether coastal, inland or hinterland – and will be created with the intent for all council areas and businesses to leverage individually to attract the right visitors to their area.

“It can also be adopted as a regional identity to promote the unique appeal of the Eyre Peninsula.”

Eyre Peninsula Tourism Development Manager Annabelle Hender said RDAEP is thrilled to be working with Tourism eSchool and Fuller on these projects.

Both the Destination Marketing Plan and Brand Review will be supported by findings obtained through extensive in-region consultation with locals and key stakeholders across the business and tourism sectors, and further directed by the results of wider community and industry surveys.

“This is an exciting time for the Eyre Peninsula to capitalise on the recent and forecast growth of the visitor economy, and the perfect time to reflect on who we are as a destination.

“Tourism should be managed in such a way to produce net positive impacts, which can be achieved when we understand the aspirations of the community.

“By participating in our community survey, you will help shape the future of tourism on the Eyre Peninsula.”

The survey is now open and closes Friday 19 August 2022.

 The Role of RDAEP & Tourism

Regional Development Australia Eyre Peninsula (RDAEP) is the Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO), for the Eyre Peninsula. The role of RDAEP and tourism is determined via an agreement with the South Australian Tourism Commission and supported by three tiers of government.  As the regional conduit for tourism, RDAEP works closely with national, state, and local tourism bodies in addition to businesses and stakeholders to achieve its vision ‘to facilitate sustainable development of the Eyre Peninsula visitor economy. This is achieved via implementation of the regional tourism strategy outlined in the Eyre Peninsula Destination Management Plan 2025. For more info visit:

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Tourism Development Manager Eyre Peninsula
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