Let's keep this short because time is of the essence!


Early last week in my newsletter I mentioned launching a new course on container gardening (but not like you are used to - more like container gardens re-imagined)


I'd planned to send you more details about it after that first mention - but then my dad had a heart attack and things went kinda sideways. 


I'm pretty sure my parents will be telling the story for years to come - because trauma and drama avoid becoming an unspeakable tragedy when the hero survives. (and thankfully he did!)


Colorado (my home state) was being very on brand. As if having a heart attack isn't enought, there was an April blizzard, a 20-car pile up that closed the highway and my parents got trapped in a wintery gridlock situation en route to the hospital. They had to call 911 from the car; the ambulance rescued my dad from a parking lot, and parted the sea of vehicles to get to the ER. But for at least an hour (which seemed like a week) we had no idea if he was even alive.


I am still metabolizing it all (I keep having these thoughts like - wait did that really all happen?) - but I'm back at my desk- and with a new-found appreciation for time being short.



I've opted NOT to push back the launch of the NEW container garden course - despite my lost days. I originally timed the launch so that we could be planting our potted gardens up together, collaboratively, during the best time to get it done - Spring


And Spring is not going to wait for us any more than a heart attack is going to wait for gridlock and a 20-car pile up in a whiteout. 👀


I'm inspired by the EMTs and ER staff who don't get warnings or sideways moments or lost days - they make it happen when it has to happen. Is it weird to think about bringing that energy to a gardening class? 


So, let's do this!

I am still ending the pre-sale of this first-run-beta version on April 16th (you can jump in as one of my inaugural students) for only $79. 

After that it will be $99.

The course will still start on the 24th of April. 


Here is the link to join in. 


xo - Rochelle


P.S.  A couple of you asked some good questions about the course via emails that came in as I was all distracted.  I'm putting together an FAQ that will answer all of them and anything else that I think needs some clarity... I'll send that over as soon as I have it done.  (also, if you have questions - just reply - I'll include yours as well). 

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