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Lucy's Personal Update:

Greetings everyone! It's been about a month since my last newsletter. We are living in trying times. I hope all my followers are safe and sound, in the loving company of family, friends and compatible roommates.

Regarding the events I talked about in my last newsletter: of the initial seven weddings I was planning to attend this year (one of which was my own), now two have been postponed or cancelled. It is very likely that my own wedding will be postponed as well. I am trying not to be devastated by this, but my partner is not given leave to come home, and we will likely be separated for months as the Canadian border is closed.

But this letter is not just about me; I would like to take a minute to talk about each one of my supplier friends and how they are handling their businesses (and your orders) during this crisis.

Is it still safe to buy online?

Rest assured that each brand is responding with the highest hygienic standards possible. But in the interest of transparency, I would like to tell you a little more about each brand, how and where their corsets are stored and shipped, because I have already received some questions about it, and the answers may very well affect your choices in the coming weeks or months.

In all cases except for Timeless Trends, the corsets were pre-made from before the outbreak, and stored either in home or in a warehouse within the US. In all cases except for GC (because they each come in a nice velvet dustbag), every corset is sealed in a clean plastic sleeve from the moment they are produced, to the moment they are delivered to you, so that your corset remains as clean as posssible. In the unlikely event that any package happens to come in contact with a virus (because no business that depends on a courier or postal service can hold a stick over every person down the chain), the virus is said to remain viable on cardboard and soft surfaces for 2-3 days, not the ~9 days (which is being quoted for hard surfaces only). Here is a little more specific info on each and every brand I carry:

Vollers / Axfords

My supplier for Vollers and Axfords corsets is a single retired lady who closed up shop a couple of years ago. Her corsets (which were made in the UK up to 10 years ago) have been stored safely away at home for a year or two, which makes their exposure to any virus extremely unlikely. Each corset is lovingly packed and shipped by her personally, from within the US. She is one of my many friends who is doing what they can to make things work at this time and she is taking precautions to protect herself and those around her appropriately. (I only have two Vollers corsets remaining, btw.)

Rebel Madness

The RM corsets were made in Poland and shipped in bulk to the US about a year ago, where they have been safely stored in home ever since, so there is also a slim-to-none chance that they have been exposed to the virus. My RM supplier is a young family who works from home. As they are parents of little ones (like so many), they understand the need for utmost hygiene and are taking the required precautions. (We still have many sizes available in the RM clearance sale.)

Glamorous Corset

 Glamorous Corset is a small team, where the owner Rachel is doing everything possible to keep her employees safe. I reached out to Rachel and she said that at this time, she is personally taking care of shipping all orders from her small warehouse in Brooklyn, NY, while the rest of her team is working remotely. Rachel ensures that GC is taking all precaution to ensure all packages are handled with extra clean care and everything is getting sanitized. She says that this is truly a time to come together and help one another. (See the GC options here.)

True Corset

True Corset is a bigger company, which has two warehouses: one in New Jersey, which serves the US and Canada, and another in the UK which ships to the rest of the world. Kody and the True Corset team have released a statement reminding their employees about frequent hand washing, and are regularly cleaning and disinfecting their facilities and equipment. They are also allowing their employees to stay home if they feel unwell. (I have a small number of TC corsets in this section.)

Timeless Trends

TT is my oldest supplier; I've been working with them since mid 2012. They used to have corsets stored in (and shipped from) Texas. Just last year they made the decision to shut down their US warehouse and to make each item to order, which is then shipped directly to customer from Thailand. Because of this, I'll spend a little more time explaining how they operate and why there is little to fear.

The TT factory is a small, relatively self-contained facility with about a dozen employees. They are now located outside of the busier metropolitan area of Bangkok. Having visited their headquarters and factory myself, I know that their facility is more hygienic and more ethically run than even some North American factories. I was also touched by the friendship and community they have formed.

I have received numerous questions regarding the safety of shipping direct from Thailand at this time, and I understand that many are apprehensive to order a parcel from Asia. Beyond stating the hygienic practices and precautions of the facility, I gently remind my clients that many of your local big box stores are importing from large factories directly from China on a near-daily basis in order to remain well-stocked with necessary household items, and this is not considered a risk. (It is said that right now, statistically, the risk lies in going out to crowded shops with hundreds of other people packed around you.) TT has simply cut out the "middle man" so instead of shipping to a store in your community, they are shipping directly to consumers. (Please also see what I wrote at the top of this section about the viability of viruses on cardboard and other soft surfaces.)

I also gently urge those to remember that Asian countries (and individuals) are not all one and the same, and many of our Asian communities must be protected from racism and xenophobia especially during this time.

However, it is understandable that there are those who choose not to import any items from overseas at this time, and you are entitled to this choice.

Different people have different concerns, preferences, and criteria for their corsets, and this is why I offer several options. If you are considering investing in a corset at this time or in the near future, you are always welcome to send me your measurements, questions, and concerns. I will be pleased to tell you which brands, styles, and sizes will fit you best, and help you make the right decision for yourself.

Here's my contact form if you want to reach out.

It's my pleasure and my honor to be able to support many other small family businesses through my shop, and I remind each of you that when you email me, you really are talking to Lucy and no one else. When you make a purchase, I really do a happy dance, and I'm excited to pass on the order to each of my friends so that they can take care of their loved ones as well.

One last note: I was recently contacted by another small, family-based business who used to carry Timeless Trends corsets, but had shut down their online shop in 2018 (following the changes to TT's business structure) and they still have some overstock pieces. These corsets were produced several years ago and they have been stored in-home in the US ever since, and I will be putting up a separate section for these items in my shop soon. It is not a large or complete range (about 30 corsets, mostly hourglass black cashmere), but it is another option that will be able to accommodate any US customers who would prefer not to order internationally at this time. If you're interested in one of these pieces before I have them listed, hit "reply" on this email (or fill out the contact form in the link above) and let me know!

Above all, stay safe

Many of us are living in a surreal kind of limbo. Just a week or two ago, so many of us were excited to think about what fun and nice indulgences we might use our tax refunds for, and in just a short time, many of our lives have turned on their heads. So I understand that many of you are saving your funds for a rainy day, and well... when it rains, it pours. 

My creative and self-employed friends have been hit the hardest, and I've been trying to support them where and when I can. I've often said that the corset community is one of the most caring and close-knit, and I know that each of you are spending within your means, and doing what you can for your family, friends and neighbors as well.

If you and your family are stuck inside, hug them and appreciate the extra time you get to spend with them. (I have no family within three cities of me, but I'm getting by with corset hugs.) Try to find the silver linings and the small positive certainties within the destabilization and chaos right now. Practice sensible hygiene and take care of one another -- and also know that you can reach out to me anytime with any corset related questions or concerns you may have.

~ Lucy

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