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Dec 2019 Newsletter

3700 applications, 100+ countries, 9 years (since inception in 2010), First Indian startup to win Entreprnruship Challenge from Copernicus Masters, the flagship Earth Observation Innovation program by European Space Agency. 

First Indians winning Space Oscar
  • In Jan 2019, we uttered an idea to analyze pan-India air quality and pollution with satellite data. 🤓 
  • Since then, we raised angel round, won $200k+ in price money, built a strong 11 member team, launched product API and platforms, on-boarded multiple clients, and expanded from air to water. Pretty phenomenal, right !! 💪
  • Check Blue Sky Analytics at the Copernicus Master Hall of Fame.
Environmental Data APIs

Do you need pan-India air quality data to estimate Asthma risk? Are you a runner struggling to find best routes and times to run in India? Or you are a government agency, trying to manage your Air Quality sensors? Give us a call to know more about BreeZo API and platforms.  

Chatbots for Campaigns ?

Want to run pan-India air pollution awareness campaigns?  Or a market survey? CrowdSource images of air pollution violations? Forget new platforms, leverage Twitter & Whatsapp. Align and Amplify your campaigns with BreeZo Chatbots

In other related news
Invest in next Data Unicorn

We officially turned 1 year old.🎂 Learned how to run from crawl. Built a team from 3 to 12. Brought satellite data analytics to the mainstream. And now we are back in the market to raise $1 to $2.5 million of seed money to build a large data refinery. 🤞

On that note of an eventful 2019
Happy New Year and a New Decade

May we all achieve great success, equitable prosperity, and collectively lead great climate action  

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