Update on FICIL Work groups

Dear FICIL Members,

At the start of the new autumn season, we would like to update you on the status of our work groups. Below you will find a list of our recent and active work groups and a short description of issues the group has been lately focusing on. 

We would like to encourage our members to sign up to the work groups of their interest – this is your possibility to influence the work of the respective group. Those who are already members of a group, don’t need to re-apply. Depending on your interest and activity, we will be able to see which sectors and areas we need to address at the next year’s High Council meeting.

Greatful if you also consider if there are new topics that FICIL should be focusing on - we have already a suggestion to start a work group on issues related to digitalisation but look forward to hear more from you about additional topics and areas of your interest or concern. So, in case there are topics that are not covered by the active work groups listed below, please do let us know by sending an e-mail to ficil@ficil.lv. 

In case you encounter any problem signing up, please do contact the FICIL office at ficil@ficil.lv

Health care system

Leader: Vacant

  • Please suggest topics to be discussed
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Tax policy and administration

Leaders: Aija Kļavinska, Baiba Strupiša

Last meeting: 16 August, 2017

  • Tax reform and its implementation
  • Improved tax administration and strengthened cooperation with the State Revenue Service
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Leader: Claudio Rivera

Next meeting: 13 September 2017 at 9:00 (SEB, Vaļņu iela 11)

  • Leverage the quality level from good to excellent across the system.
  • Focus in the introduction of competency-based education in all levels.
  • Equal opportunities in the context of the optimization of school network and concentration of resources.
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Intellectual Property protection

Leader: Ingrīda Kariņa-Bērziņa

Last meeting: 17 August, 2017

  • Amendments to the Copyright Law
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Leaders: William le Clere, Andris Puriņš

Last meeting: 19 June, 2017

  • Transparency of tariffs and transit policy
  • Development of integrated e-customs system
  • Future opportunities linked to the development and successful implementation of the Rail Baltica project
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Leader: Ilze Kramiņa

Last meeting: May, 2017

  • Liability of the involved parties in the Construction process, amendments to the Construction Law
  • The role of a sworn notary in the real estate transactions
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Energy and Waste management

Leader: Nauris Kļava

Last meeting: April, 2017

  • Promote circular economy enabled by recycling and energy recovery  
  • Integrated national energy and climate plan
  • Competition and cost efficiency in the Renewable Energy Policy
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Economic crime/Insolvency issues

Leaders: Ilze Znotiņa, Helmuts Jauja

Next meeting: 8 September, 2017 at 15:00 (FICIL Office, Strēlnieku 1-3)

  • Fighting Economic Crime
  • Strengthening the oversight of the insolvency process and capacity of Insolvency administration
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Investment protection and court efficiency

Leader: Māris Vainovskis

Next meeting: 21 September 2017 at 16:00 (Eversheds Sutherland Bitāns, Lāčplēša 20a)

  • Commercial Law amendments
  • Efficiency of the Court system
  • Quality and predictability of legislative process
  • Openness of Economy: availability of public services in English
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Labour force issues: Labour Law issues

Leader: Vacant

Last meeting: August, 2016

  • Amendments to Labour Law
  • Easing the legal and administrative restrictions for bringing in skilled workforce from countries outside EU and EEA
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Leader: Vacant

  • Vision of Latvia as a digital society
  • Support for small and medium enterprises
  • Investment into the new generation telecommunications technologies
  • Digitalisation in education system
  • DIgitalisation in public procurement
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