Message From Pastor Christiana Longe


07 March 2021

I bless the name of the Lord and also thank the Almighty God for the life giving word of hope coming to us this season by his Spirit in the midst of pandemic, I believe you will agree with me, despite the fact of all the happenings around us and all over the globe. The plague is not visible, yet it’s devastating evidences are real and physical everywhere . Based on this fact, to an unbeliever, rejoicing for any reason or reasons at this time is baseless and senseless as it were.

But the word of God says the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing but it is the power of God to you who believe, for your existence is rooted in the one who is life himself , your life is hid with Christ in God . You are living by faith not by what is seen. 2Cor.4:18, 5:7 therefore your case is different.

Based on the living word of God, for you, it is time for singing a newly created song, based on the promise of God who says keep rejoicing in the Lord your God because I am doing something new, what has never being before, turning things round, breaking new grounds, wiping tears away, turning sorrow and pain to joy, restoring hope to the hopeless, financial state and economy of nations back again, removing devastation from all the earth in exchange for unspeakable joy by the outpouring power of His Spirit though his church. Isa.43:18-19 . No matter your state in life at the moment, connect to the source of every good and perfect gift, which is God. By faith, sow in the word of God and His promises that cannot fail. Take root downward, And bear fruit upward.” Sprout, Bud, blossom and keep flourishing. Alleluia.

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1: Deu 5-7

2: Deu 8-10

3: Deu 11-13

4: Deu 14-16

5: Deu 17-20

6: Deu 21-23

7: Deu 24-27

8: Deu 28-29

9: Deu 30-31

10: Deu 32-34

11: Jos 1-4

12: Jos 5-8

13: Jos 9-11

14: Jos 12-15

15: Jos 16-18

16: Jos 19-21

17: Jos 22-24

18: Jud 1-2

19: Jud 3-5

20: Jud 6-7

21: Jud 8-9

22: Jud 10-12

23: Jud 13-15

24: Jud 16-18

25: Jud 19-21

26: Ru 1-4

27: 1sam 1-3

28: 1sam 4-8

29: 1sam 9-12

30: 1sam 13-14

31: 1sam 15-17

1/4: 1sam 18-20

2/4: 1sam 21-24

3/4: 1sam 25-27

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