Christmas begins early!

I hope everyone is enjoying Christmastide with His Countess and Seduced Under the Mistletoe! If you haven’t yet started your Christmas reading, we have  just over one month to go until the day -- so you can find the links below!

Christmastide with His Countess will be 99 cents for only five more days, so now is the time to buy!

Today is a quick email to share a few things that are happening.

I have THREE giveaways for you, a book on sale, and a Christmas catalogue to share with you!

First, the giveaways.

1 - You can win a $20 Amazon gift card! Enter by answering the following question: In Christmastide with His Countess, what did Scarlett give Hunter as a Christmas gift? Send your answer to the following email: Also share my post on Facebook to receive an extra entry! 

2 - You also have the opportunity to win a $10 Amazon gift card. Click here (or the image above) to enter! 

3 - And finally, I am part of a Thanksgiving Bookpalooza with many other authors. You can find the link here or through the image below. The winner of the giveaway receives a $50 Amazon GC, as well as a gift basket with 21 books!

And finally, if you have not read He’s a Duke, But I Love Him, it is 99 cents for the next five days! Find it here:

With love and Christmas cheer,


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Buy Seduced Under the Mistletoe

Recommended Reads

An Agent for Audrey

By Laura Beers

Heiress Audrey Hardwick begins life anew as a Pinkerton Agent, but her mission turns to mayhem when she meets Agent Warren Rockwell. When they are forced to marry, Audrey's beauty and background frustrate him to no end. Can he still learn to trust her?

Buy on Amazon!

Already His

By Sandy Raven

Lady Elise Halden knows how to bend a horse to her will, but bringing the new Earl of Camden is far more difficult. Michael Brighton has always been determined to avoid the precocious minx, sister of his best friend --  till one day he realizes she is all grown up.

99 cents until Nov. 24!

The King of Hearts

By Agnes Forest

A gentleman that owns the night, a lady that plays her cards close to her chest. At Almack’s, lovers gamble with their hearts. Is it even possible that someone could win?




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