Our clinic provides a full range of stem cell therapy services, including professional medical consultation, diagnostics, and treatment. As we are expanding our partner base, we are offering you an opportunity to earn on referrals.

Refer a client for stem cell treatment and earn 10% of the package price

You can find out more about the packages we offer here. But before you start exploring our website, let me elaborate on the advantages of working with us:

10% referral fee

The price tag on our therapy packages ranges from $16,000 to $30,000, so you can make from $1,600 to $3,000 from every sale.

Our support

You can learn everything you need about our services directly from Mediland specialists and consultants. We also provide free-of-charge medical advice to the clients you refer.

Guaranteed payments

Funds are added to your balance after the client arrives at our clinic and purchases a therapy package. Once per month, we transfer the money directly to your bank account or PayPal.

Growing earnings

To earn $1,600 per month, one minimum-package referral is enough. However, we have no monthly limits. You are free to refer as many patients as you want.

High conversion rate

Of the 100 patients that take advantage of our free diagnostics, 93 purchase a therapy package. And over 85% of those patients purchase a package worth $20,000.

Attractive special offers

At Mediland, we run special offers for our patients on a regular basis. For instance, a $4,000 discount is currently offered on the second package purchased. You can also offer any of our special discounts as your company’s unique proposition.

Passive income

We do our best to make our patients’ stay as comfortable as possible and provide top-quality treatment. This is what makes people return to us. And you get to keep referral fees from your patients’ each visit. The referral fee stays the same and some patients may visit us as often as several times per year

Real help for your clients

Mediland is a clinic specializing in anti-age therapy and the treatment of such conditions as diabetes, erectile dysfunction, skin illnesses of various difficulty, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Our doctors accept only the patients they can help. For those cases where stem cell therapy would be ineffective, our doctors will point that out right away when evaluate the patient’s tests and medical history and realize that such therapy is unlikely to improve the patient’s condition.

All you need to earn the fee is to refer a patient. We will take care of the rest: appointments, medical advice, diagnostics, stem cell therapy treatment, and supplementary services.

Get a 10% share from every successful referral

Why choose MEDILAND?


Experience and expertise

Mediland is a top cell therapy clinic offering fetal and mesenchymal stem cell combination therapy. With over 20 years of experience in stem cell therapy, our specialists have already helped thousands of patients. Our clinic treats around 200 patients from 43 countries monthly.

Satisfaction guarantee

97% of our patients are satisfied with the outcome of the treatment and become our loyal clients. We also provide our clients with a guarantee. If no results are achieved by the second visit, we do another treatment course free of charge. It is a unique proposition that no other stem cell clinic in the world offers.

Multiple packages available

We offer multiple treatment packages for our patients to choose from. They can select whichever feels acceptable to them in terms of price and services included. We also provide supplementary services like transfer, hotel accommodations, meals, and sightseeing. All supplementary services are provided at no additional charge as part of the treatment packages.

Safe treatment

Mediland has all the licenses and patents necessary to offer cell therapy services. Stem cell treatment is a safe, pain-free, and effective procedure. There are no post-treatment complications or negative consequences.

Become a partner of one of the best cell therapy clinics in the world, get an opportunity to help people and make additional income from it!

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