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Dear Friends,

It is difficult during theses time to celebrate Thanksgiving or even think about Halloween.
We hope though that everybody is making the best out of this situation. Stay safe everybody.

We know it is not the same, but we found this might not be a bad idea:
When all else fails, you can count on the internet for a few shrieks: Visit the nation’s most haunted attractions like the Winchester Mystery House and Eastern State Penitentiary right from your couch and stream your favorite Halloween movies for a fun night in. 

Sparkle Shimmer Stud

Plushy soft and easy to use pliable textured vibrator
Powerful multi-speed vibrations
Brilliant glitter finish

Reg. Price $39.99 Now only $29.99

Orange Tickler Glass Dildo

Gorgeously shaped and ultra precise, the Orange Tickler Dildo represents Glas' luxurious handcrafted styling. The Tickler is  curvy, textured and delightfully double ended, designed for deep and firm internal massage.
Temperature sensitive - put in warm water-stays warm, put in fridge - stays cool

Reg. Price $52.99 NOW ONLY $42.99

Intimate Play Finger Tickler Vibe

Going just about anywhere your/their fingers could reach and leaving ten modes of deep, throbbing vibration in it's wake, the Finger Tickler is absolutely perfect for solo love, but it's also an amazing choice for couples.

Reg. Price $46.99 NOW ONLY $36.99

Joke of the Month

Q: Why couldn't the ghost see its mom and dad?
A: Because they were trans-parents!

Q: What room of the house does the skeleton stay out of?
A: The living room.

Q: What is a ghost's favorite food?
A: Ghoulash.


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