How do you draw a burnt corpse?

It's not like they're lying around everywhere. There's the problem of the upside-down arms and hands.

My solution? Take hokey looking pictures of myself in the pose:

I needed my State Trooper Officer Gene Sturgeon to come across a body. It's in the aftermath of a burned building, later in the story.

I'm hard at work getting this comic ready for the December 14 Kickstarter! It will feature Part 4 AND will be paired up with Part 3; neither of which have ever before been seen or read by the public. Stay tuned! In the meantime, I have a few small 'teaser' sized digital samplers of 3 and 4 that you can read NOW. See below...


Read parts 1 and 2 (and teasers for 3 and 4) below:

Part 1: "Into the Rat Hole"
Into the Rat Hole is about my young hero Calvin as he goes off on a motorcycle road trip to meet up with his buddy and party in Mexico. Trouble happens when he tangles with a local biker gang, The Banshees.


Read Part 1 HERE

Part 2: "White Meat"
White Meat continues Calvin's showdown with the Banshees as he barely gets away, but not before serious violent mayhem ensues.


Read Part 2 HERE


Part 3: "Faster, Faster!"
Faster, Faster! delves deeper in the background characters such as State Trooper Gene Sturgeon and local drug kingpin Nelson Griffin. Calvin's found safety in an unexpected ally, but will it last?


Read the teaser for Part 3 HERE

Part 4: "Let's Party!
Let's Party! Showcases more Sturgeon and delves deeper in the US govt. forces trying to suppress the drug traffic problem.

Read the teaser for Part 4 HERE

(Reminder: Mayfield Eight is a comic strictly for mature readers. I've got a very specific story to tell and the fact I'm publishing this myself means I'm presenting it without any censorship or toned-down depictions. It's all in there. Mayfield Eight is definitely a comic you want to steer clear of if graphic depictions of adult material offends you, or if you have younger ones around who might get their hands on it.)

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