Guyanese Online: NEWS ARTICLES: February 15-20, 2020

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    News and Feature Items: February 15-20, 2020


Guyanese Online Celebrates its 10th Anniversary – February 2020. 


GUYANA-50: Commemorative Stamps, Golden Medallion unveiled for Jubilee anniversary

Guyana: OIL:10 billion US dollars a year and growing – By Steven Jasmin – OilNOW

GUYANA: CMEI to build two branded hotels at Ogle – one is a Hilton

Guyana Elections: US Congress leaders assure free; fair elections in Guyana


Guyana: Twenty in 2020 and expecting The Good Life – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Diaspora Engagement: Assessing Tensions and Solutions due of Social and Economic Transformation in Guyana — By Lear Matthews

OPINION: What should Guyana learn from Singapore – without oil? – By Wayne Forde

BOOK: YEARS OF HIGH HOPES: A Portrait of British Guiana, 1952–1956, from an American Family’s Letters Home


BARBADOS: Immigration told weed out bad practices regarding CARICOM citizens


U.S.– Bigoted pasts return to haunt top Democratic presidential candidates seeking black votes

US economy under Trump: Is it the greatest in history? – Reality Check – BBC News

USA: President Donald Trump is appointing federal judges at a blistering pace

U.S.IMMIGRATION: Border Patrol to send Tactical Unit officers to ‘sanctuary cities’

TRAVEL – TOURISM: The coronavirus will hit the tourism and travel sector hard

BOOK from 1981: A virus called Wuhan-400 causes outbreak … in a Dean Koontz thriller. – Commentary

Mapped: Visualizing the True Size of Africa – Infographic


PHILOSOPHY: Five Lessons To Live By – Dr. Wayne Dyer – A Truly Inspiring Video

TRAVEL: There’s a huge fight over reclining your airline seat. Is capitalism to blame?

EDUCATION: How Technology is Shaping the Future of Education – Infographic

“Certainty” by Brazilian Poet Carlos Machado – by Rosaliene Bacchus


      GUYANA and CARIBBEAN RECIPES – New Listings now available


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