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AUGA reads No.3

The end of the year is a time for both reviewing what we have achieved during the year, and striving to form new goals for the year to come. What might these goals be? Will we make a promise to ourselves to live healthier? Or maybe we will decide to radically change our diet? Perhaps we will decide to plan our food shopping more responsibly? 

Whatever goal you decide to set for yourself, we hope that you are able to turn them into transformative daily habits.

And AUGA also has a goal for the new year - to continue to provide you with a fresh portion every month of the most exciting market news on ecology, organic food, sustainability, and other important topics. So, we're sharing with you the third edition of AUGA reads, and we promise to be back next year with more! 

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And once you've registered, take a look at AUGA reads below. Enjoy.

Health and nutrition trends: seeking a healthy life

Everyday life makes us think more about our health, and what criteria we use to assess it. For some, health means a healthy diet. For others, it might mean active leisure time or low levels of stress at work. According to Euromonitor research, 72% of respondents who follow a plant-based diet said they want to improve their eating habits. Euromonitor's study also contains lots of useful data on what society considers well-being to be. Interested? Read more 

Europe: over 20% now flexitarian & number of vegans doubles, according to new study

Ever heard the term flexitarian? Maybe you fall into this category, but just didn’t know it? Well, according to a new survey conducted in 7 European countries, 22.9% of Europeans are flexitarians. And more than 60% of these people said they would like to become a vegetarian or vegan in the future. Sound like you? Read more

Article: “Our children will have to live as cyborgs if we don’t bring food and farming back to nature”

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Article: sustainable food trends will become center of the plate with modern consumers

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Article: gen zs & millennials are leading alternative protein consumption, data shows

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Article: navigating the future with corporate stewardship, sustainability and governance

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Interim financial results of AUGA group, AB for 9-months period

Over the first 3 quarters of 2020 AUGA group has continued to increase sales revenue in all business segments and improved profit indicators. Despite the global instability caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, AUGA group is witnessing a clear breakthrough in the fast-moving consumer goods segment. Read more.

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