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SREDKey: Bringing Security to Card Not Present Transactions

Card Not Present transactions bring special challenges that are not easily met by traditional credit card readers and PIN pads. PCI-compliant handling of such transactions requires the use of a dedicated device that can securely encrypt keyed-in data in real time. Most credit card readers (even those that have a keypad) are not capable of doing this in a PCI-conformant fashion. The SREDKey™ keypad by ID TECH is a PCI-PTS certified Secure Reading and Exchange of Data (SRED) device that allows businesses to participate in phone and mail order transactions, and other Card Not Present scenarios. The device also has a physical magstripe slot, which can accommodate pickup-in-store, hotel check-in, and other scenarios in which final settlement involves a physical card.

Read this SREDKey whitepaper to:

1. Learn how SREDKey can bring security and safety to Card Not Present transactions.

2. Learn how TrustCommerce and others are using SREDKey in P2PE (Point to Point Encryption) scenarios.

3. Understand how SREDKey differs from ordinary PIN pads, with a feature set that combines ease of use, security, and reliability.

4. See how SREDKey’s built-in encryption, anti-tamper, and other features can reduce PCI scope and make it easier for merchants to accept cards in a wider variety of situations.

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