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Part II of our August newsletter.... meet two of our Lifers, Stay Safe in Summer, A Tale from the Heart, Happy Gotchas and much more...


Last Chance Hotel has rehomed hundreds of dogs over the years, so many literally on their ‘last chance’. But not all dogs that come into rescue find a new sofa to snooze on… these are our ‘lifers’, remaining in loving ‘end of life’ foster homes, often because of a medical or behavioural issue. Meet Gemma and Odo, two of our lifers…

12 year old Gemma has been in foster with Carla since she arrived in January this year. A timid girl, she has come a long way since joining LCH and is now comfortable and feels safe with Carla’s Staffie boys. Recently Gemma underwent tests for Cushing’s disease, and has been diagnosed positive. Cushing’s disease cannot be cured, but can be managed, and treatment will cost approximately £49 a month, excluding the essential regular blood tests. Gemma deserves a chance of a full, happy life, and LCH will be there to support her, all the way.

Older dogs, in general, are much harder to rehome. But when faced with a 13 year old boy on death row, we could not turn away. Odo came to us three years ago with mast cell tumours which were removed and to this day have stayed away, so fingers and paws crossed they will never come back. He is now in ‘end of life’ foster care with Carla, - loved, and wanting for nothing in his twilight years. Carla says “He is the most gentle soul I have ever met in a dog and loves everyone and every dog. I will never understand how his owners ever dumped him. He is the most beautiful boy ever”.  Odo has thrived on love, care and a sense of safety which is what every dog needs and deserves in life. His face says it all…. ‘Thank you for looking after me’. 

Another LCH Lifer, safe and content.

Supporting the Lifers

If you would like to help towards Gemma’s medical costs, or support Odo or any of the other LCH Lifers, please consider a monthly donation.

Visit our website page for ways to donate: 


Summer Dangers

Summer is here, there is no doubt about that! And with the season of holidays, barbecues, long walks in the countryside or along the coastline, there come a variety of perils.

The cliffs pose a very real danger to dogs who are allowed to run off leash; this summer the Coastguards have been called to assist in many cases of dogs falling over cliff edges. Some have been lucky, others sadly not… all it takes is a sudden distraction, a mis-thrown ball, your dog spooked by something, chasing, or being chased.. Stay safe, and put that lead on!


The intense heat can have devastating consequences,- the advice is out there, and yet still we are seeing news of dogs left in hot cars. Walking your pooch under the scorching midday sun can be fatal, - dogs do not have the ability to cool themselves as humans do, and if they are elderly, or have breathing problems, they are even more vulnerable to high temperatures. If it is very hot, let them relax at home, - missing a walk won’t kill them, but heatstroke might.


Even the simple act of grazing can be life threatening! Recently, Odo, one of our Lifers, became extremely ill, suffering several seizures, due to eating grass in a public place, which had been sprayed with the industrial strength glysophate weedkiller Gallup. Luckily, he recovered, but if he had eaten any more, his story could have ended differently. If you are aware of this product being used, please be extra careful.


We do our best to protect our pets, - sometimes common sense is all that is needed; but we can also learn from other people’s experiences, and follow advice from the experts. Most of all, enjoy the summer while it’s here!


Changing Lives - a Tale from the Heart

Derek Vickers adopted Ralph through LCH in April this year, having sadly lost his beloved wife Una and their constant companion Flash in the space of a few months. Here Derek tells his own story of heartbreak, and the comfort he found when he needed it the most. 

Una and I were married in 1976 and she already knew that she had an inherited kidney condition. For this reason we decided not to have a family but have since enjoyed the company of many dogs, mostly rescue dogs.

In 2002 we found Flash, a 1 year old Jack Russell in a rescue centre and he was the best company a two legged person could have, moving with us at home and abroad.

In 2015 doctors at the hospital in Plymouth told us that Una’s kidney was failing and we should consider a transplant. Amazingly I was found to be a match and over Christmas 2015 the transplant took place. All went well and for over 18 months we led a full life. Late in 2018 things started to go wrong and the end result was a rejection from which Una died over Christmas 2018.
Flash was my rock but at approaching 17 years I feared the worst. Earlier this year the worst happened and I said goodbye to my second best friend.
Living alone was a challenge and I really wasn’t sure what to do. Move? Get another dog? 

That was when I came across Last Chance Hotel online and staring at me from the screen was Ralph, another Jack Russell, 3 years old and looking for a home because his owners were working too many hours which they felt wasn’t fair on him.
I phoned the owners, turned up and carted him off on the spot.
He has been with me since Easter and really settled in. Plenty of walks, lots of cats to chase out of the garden and all the children at the playschool next door call him by name. The one problem is that he likes biscuits, the human kind, so breakfast can be a bit of a challenge!
He has made my life so much better in just a short time and I have the lovely people at Last Chance Hotel to thank for it.
Thank you all!

Rainbow Bridge


Beautiful Jess came into rescue back in January 2017, a frightened girl, who needed a quiet, calm home in which to gain confidence.  She was eventually adopted by Lindsay, who gave her love, stability, and the life that she deserved. Jess enjoyed two wonderful years with Lindsay, before succombing quickly to cancer, a terrible shock to all who knew her.  Run free dearest Jess, and know that you were loved right to the end. Our heartfelt condolences to Lindsay, and grateful thanks for giving this sweet girl the best life.



Lionel has sent us this tribute to Charlie:

I was so lucky to adopt Charlie on 7th July, 2016. Time was unexpectedly short and he passed away last Saturday, a week short of three years.

He was very wary of people, particularly men, initially, but gradually his confidence, and later his ebullience shone through. He vocalised like no other dog I’ve ever had, and always with a rapidly wagging tail, excitement and love. He so enjoyed his walks, his friends and above all being together in his home and garden.

To experience such a beautiful chap learning to love and trust again has been very special for me as well. The innocence and honesty of animals can teach us so much – if only people listen.

Thank you for your help,

Lionel Thomas



You may remember from our last newsletter that trustee Beth Scott embarked on a massive fundraiser for LCH at the beginning of June, cycling from Land’s End to John O’ Groats. Beth pushed on in some atrocious weather (not exactly “Flaming June” this year!), suffered punctures and injury, but stayed the course and arrived on schedule at her Scottish destination on 21st June.  An amazing achievement, and we are truly grateful to Beth for never giving up in this gruelling challenge, and to husband Mark for being there as support driver. Almost £4000 was raised via Beth’s JustGiving page, and several other gifts came in from other sources, from people Beth met along the way, and after she had finished (thank you Lesley Ann Jackman for the lovely card and donation!). Thank you so much Beth, you are a true animal lover, and your determination and commitment shone through, what an absolute star! 


We never cease to be amazed at the personal challenges that some of our fundraisers put themselves through, whether a marathon run, a long distance cycle ride, or even a tandem skydive! Michelle Kellington-Hand had planned to do just this on the 28th July, but unfortunately the weather wasn't good enough, and she has had to reschedule. A birthday present from her partner, she hopes to raise funds for LCH, via her JustGiving page, having been helped by the rescue in the past when she was in a very tough situation. Way to go Michelle, and thank you! Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Michelle's JG page for updates.

If you would like to help LCH with a fundraising event, please contact the team with your idea on 01209 281159 or email Louisa on louisa@lastchancehotel.org.

Happy Retirement Carolyn

Carolyn Harding has been a valued LCH team member for several years, carrying out countless home checks for LCH, and overseeing many adoptions, helping out at the Hub Shop and our fundraisers, travelling many miles collecting donations and also giving numerous talks to the public about our work. Not only wonderful supporters of LCH, but Carolyn and husband Desmond have also fostered for us, notably Dolly, an elderly JRT who had a wonderful life with these two very caring animal lovers. Thank you Carolyn for everything you have done for LCH, we wish you a restful and well deserved retirement.

Thank you!

Painting for LCH

Talented artist Rachael Bygrove very generously donated the proceeds from one of her beautiful  paintings to Last Chance Hotel, because she wants to help animals in need. Rachael currently has another painting for sale for LCH, on Facebook Marketplace, and the lucky buyer will not only have a rather lovely landscape for their wall, but will also know that they will be contributing to the care of precious souls. Thank you so much Rachael! 

Number Calling

A very big thank you to our fab volunteer Anne Marshall and husband Joe for organising a Bingo Night at the White Hart Hotel in Holsworthy. The evening went like clockwork, Joe acting as Bingo Caller, and £365 was raised with the help of a super raffle. Looking forward to the next one!

Cornwall College Summer Fun Day

Thanks to everyone who dropped by our stand at the Camborne Campus, including the Stormtrooper…our lovely team of volunteers had a great time chatting to people, raising vital awareness for LCH’s work.

Facebook Fundraisers

We are always very grateful to those who think of us when their birthday is due and ask their friends to donate to LCH. Thank you Sam Kemp and Huw Jones, we hope you both had lovely birthdays, your support is very much appreciated.

Disney comes to Town

Guests at a Disney themed garden party organised by Denise Howard enjoyed warm sunny weather, adding to the fun of wearing some cracking costumes! A huge thank you to Denise for choosing to support LCH for her annual open air fundraiser. From the photos, it looks like everyone had a fabulous time!

Fun at the Summer Fayre

A very big thank you to everyone who came along to our Summer Fayre and Dog Show at Crofthandy in mid July. We had a fabulous, amazing day, brilliant weather,  - surrounded by gorgeous dogs and their doting owners. Congratulations to Gracie-Mae, a beautiful Newfoundland owned by Andy Taylor, for winning Companion Best in Show, and to Gertie, a gorgeous wire haired Visla, owned by Sarah Mitchell, who took Reserve. Bronx, a Cane Cors, owned by Leah Caulkett won Companion Best Puppy.

Milo was a worthy winner of the Fun BIS, with sweetheart William, taking RBIS, as well as Fun Best Puppy,  - many congrats to both these handsome Last Chancers!! Huge thanks to Terri Mellow for being such a lovely judge for both the Companion and Fun shows, you did us proud! Also to young LCH fundraiser Maddie for helping Terri judge a class or two, proudly wearing her LCH T-shirt. 

Our tombola and two raffles raised much needed pennies for the animals in our care, - special thanks to ‘AJ Making a Stamp’, a lovely family from Berkshire, who donated three fab doggy hampers. Grateful thanks to all the stall holders for supporting our event, adding to the happy summer atmosphere, also to the very generous class sponsors, and to Peggy Colclough, for taking so many super pics of the dogs strutting their stuff. Roll on the Autumn Fayre and Dog Show in October! 

Let the pictures do the talking!

All photographs courtesy of Pawfect Photography by Peggy Colclough

Happy Gotcha Day!

“Gotcha Day” is the name given to the day a lucky hound first came into his or her forever home. Here are some tributes of that celebration of love


Happy 1st Gotcha day Rex EP



Happy 1st Gotcha day Milo! Where has a year gone? BE



This is 15 year old Tilly, my end of life Foster dog, Tilly has now been with me for a year yesterday, and she is still doing amazingly well for her age, eats well, loves her walks (well she runs most of the time) so Happy Gotcha Day Tilly Tots xx SW


Today we celebrate Spuds 2nd Gotcha day!! Over the past 2 years he has had his nasty lumps removed, lost 10kg, developed old man selective hearing and been diagnosed with arthritis in every limb. With many drugs and supplements he is still active and happy and brings so much happiness wherever he goes. He is just the most gorgeous boy and I love him to bits 💖, thanks LCH for saving this soul and for letting him join the Labrador family x SS


Happy gotcha day Jeffery! We’ve now had you for a whole year and you’re now 17/18 ❤️ When we got him we didn’t think he would last this long given his age but he’s such a lively dog and always wants a fuss and a bit of play…
We thought a 16/17 year old dog would like to just sleep on the sofa all day but this lovely boy just wants to follow you around all day and go for walks! EB 

Dates for your Diary

Monday 26th August  Fun Dog Day at Princess Pavilion 41 Melvill Rd, Falmouth TR11 4AR.

Sunday 20th October 10am - 4pm LCH Autumn Fayre and Dog Show at Crofthandy Village Hall TR16 5JQ

More info can be found on our website Events page and Facebook page

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