Has the weather cooled where you are? The fall weather has slowly started to creep in here. Today I want to talk about my top tips for running in the fall weather.

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September 16, 2018 Newsletter

Fall weather is coming!

The weather here has been up and down lately. We have been able to enjoy some nice fall like days. Although it's a hot sunny day here today, I know fall days are just around the corner. September seems like the start of a new year. The kids are back in school and the humidity from the summer seems to lessen each day. For me it just makes sense to use the fall season as a time to get back on track with your running and work on goals. January is a popular time to get your fitness goals on track but I believe the fall weather will help set you up for success.

Why do I love fall running? The weather is cooler and ideal for running outside. The cooler weather allows you to naturally have some gains in your speed. As you're not using energy to fight the humidity you can run at a faster pace with the same effort you used during the heat.  For me fall is the time to get your training back on track after a hot humid summer. I love working on goals that have been pushed to the side. I also believe it's a fantastic time to race. If you run a flat fall race it could easily become a personal best for you.

What are my top tips for fall running?

1) Set a goal: Fall is a time for running gains. Set a goal you want to achieve and create a plan to get you there. I'm a big fan of setting SMART goals. If you want to know if the goal you've set is smart feel free to run it by me!

2) Revisit your least favourite run. Did you hate doing speed work or tempo runs during the summer? Revisit those runs in the cooler weather. Without the blistering humidity you'll find the same effort you used in the summer will result in faster time. This is not only a great physical boost but a also a mental boost too.

3) Create a realistic training plan. Create, or have help creating a solid 12 week training plan. This will allow you to get your training back on track and see gains during the fall weather. Sometime our training falls off track if we don't have a long enough plan. Set yourself up for success with a solid plan.

4) Run a fall theme race with family or friends. There are lots of fantastic theme runs out there. I know in my area we have a trick or treat trail run and a thanksgiving turkey trot. Take these runs as an opportunity to have fun and stay active with your friends and family. It's okay to have fun races mixed in your training plan. We run to add value to our lives!

5) Review your injury prevention plan. A balanced training plan includes components that help reduce your risk of injury. As the weather cools and our speed quickens without the humidity we need to be mindful that we aren't invincible. I like to add in both strength and flexibility workouts in my training programs to help reduce my risk of injury. However you shouldn't overlook the value of a dynamic warm up and fulsome cool down. Ensuring all your workouts have both can reduce your risk of injury. If you don't have any injury prevention components in your training plan start small and build, you'll get there.

Fall running is a great time to build and grow as a runner. Take your running back to basics and work on your goals. With focus, determination, hard work and cooler weather gains are sure to come!

Weekly Challenge: Tempo Run

I know we are talking about fall running this week and it might not be fall where you live. You might be thinking cooler weather is never going to come. I thought this week I'd give you a running challenge. Obviously I'm gearing this workout for the cooler weather but you can do this run no matter the weather!

This week i'm challenging you to go for a tempo run. The reason I picked the tempo run is because it's a run where you'll notice a difference in the cooler weather. It can also help remind you how strong of a runner you really are.

Your tempo run pace is your 10k race pace or the pace you can maintain racing for an hour. First do a dynamic warm up, making sure to include leg kicks/swings, arm circles/swings ect. Make sure you're warmed up and ready. After a solid warm up run 4km at your tempo pace. Finish with a walking cool down followed by stretches and foam rolling.

Compare how this run felt with a tempo run you did in the summer. As always let me know how this went. I love to hear about your workouts. I'm @srunsfitness on twitter.

Fall in love with running again!

For me fall running is about new beginnings. A chance for a fresh start to reach bigger goals. Kind of like how kids go back to school in the fall to a new grade fall is a time to level up your running.

I work with runners year round to help them reach their goal but I love the spirit and gains that fall can help my athletes achieve. This year I'm offering a fall/winter coaching program where I'll work with you virtually from November to February to help you level up your training and reach new goals.

You'll get customized running and strength training workouts as well as access to me. I'll share my knowledge and encouragement to help you reach your goals. You'll receive your running and strength training workouts delivered to your Training Peak's account. The cost is $450 for my newsletter subscribers. You can read more details here.

If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them. You can e-mail me at fitness@stephanieruns.com

Next week I'll be talking about how to maintain your running base. If you have any questions let me know.

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