April 19, 2022

Fake News

I Am A Good Person

I Am A Good Person

While we may not profess to be perfect, most people think they are good people. The problem with that is, in human terms, it’s a relative scale. We can always find someone worse, but we can always point to someone better. So when it comes to heaven, where is the line? Is our perceived good, "good enough"?

The truth is, on our own, the line is unobtainable. This is what Jesus is trying to explain to the Rich Young Ruler in Mark 10:17-22. Based upon the basic rules for human interaction (Commandments 5-10), the young man was performing above the line. His performance was “good enough.” But unfortunately, his performance for godly interaction (Commandment 1) was below the line. His stuff was more important than his relationship with or humility to God.

We Are Not As Good As We Think We Are

Jesus was good enough for us all. To be a good person we don't have to measure up, but we do have to give up! Surrender to God's will for your life and trust Him to lead you into new life. 


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