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SVW Newsletter June 2019
Poachers sentenced 13.5 years in prison for hunting rare wildlife

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We would like to announce you a result of an illegal poaching case happened in Pu Mat early this year. The poachers received what they deserved, imprisonment sentences to all of them. We worked hard to take care of newly rescued animals while managing to released healthy 38 pangolins back to the wild. We changed our Vietnamese name with VUSTA.

They paid the hard price for the cruel action

On Jun 25, 2019, People's Court of Con Cuong district in Nghe An Province announced verdict on the case of illegal hunting of 02 endangered Indochinese Gray langurs in the protected forest area of Pu Mat National Park. The convicts include Lo Van Hang, who directly shot the langur, sentenced to 4 years imprisonment, Vieng Van Thuy, the arranger of the hunting, sentenced to 3 years; the three other accomplices are sentenced to a total of 6 years 6 month. This case was handled by Pu Mat national park’s rangers and SVW Anti-poaching team in early January 2019. [READ MORE]

From the results of the penal court, we hope that people gain a lesson and won’t go into the forest to hunt wildlife anymore.

SVW made an effort to spread the news nationwide on newspaper (vnexpress, vietnamnews, dantri, etc) and social media. The Facebook post reached over 16.900 people.

Stop wildlife crime
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Anti-poaching Unit

SMART report in June 2019 shows that human illegal activities still occur with alarming rate in Pu Mat National Park. The team encountered 18 people for illegally entering the forest, including 9 people reported being in violation.

18 pangolins and one Leopard cat safe in our hands

We rescued five Pangolins from four different cases.

On the 1st of June 2019, we received a call from a Forest Ranger station in the Southern Quang Nam province, part of Quang Nam’s Forest Protection Department, to rescue one pangolin which was voluntarily handed over by a local person. 

Two weeks later, we returned to Quang Nam FPD to receive three Sunda pangolins and one Chinese pangolin which they confiscated from two different illegal trades at the border area. Sadly, there were two other pangolins already dead before came to the authorities.

From 2017 until now, we have received many wild animals from Forest Protection Department of Song Thanh Special-use forest which play an important part in wildlife conservation, especially in pangolin conservation in Vietnam.

Transfer 13 pangolins from Hanoi rescue center to our facility

On 11 June 2019, SVW received thirteen Pangolins from Ha Noi rescue center. There are twelve Sunda Pangolins and one Chinese Pangolin confiscated.
Right after the rescue of Hanoi Rescue Center (HRC), one of our vet together with the food and medical supplies came to HRC to take care of the pangolins for several first few days. These animals then were transferred to our facility to receive better treatment and medical care. They will stay with us until they can be released.

A Leopard cat saved by a local person and transferred to us

A local people contacted us reported that she found a Leopard cat at her back yard. The cat might escape from someone house that he was kept as pet, because he seems to use to human. The lady then immediately contacted us and managed to travel herself from Nam Dinh province to Cuc Phuong to give us the cat. Her only wish that the cat can be released back to the wild one day. At the moment, the cat still needs to go through 30-day quarantine process and then rehabilitation before being able to go back to the wild.

And 38 healthy pangolins went home. Yeah!

Rescued from illegal wildlife trades in the past months, the pangolins went through quarantine process, received intensive care by our experienced Vet and Keeper teams. They are now strong and healthy, and roam free in the wild where they belong. Wish them long happy life, give birth to many future generations to help recover the population of the species!

*Click on the photo to view their journey to home


Saving a mother pangolin from an obstructed labor

Vet team performed the first C-section on a Sunda pangolin that was experiencing obstructed labor. The fetus was not alive. After administering medications to help the mother pass the fetus, the vet team determined she was too weak to deliver and elected to sedate her. After trying to manually remove the fetus and failing, the vets opted for surgery. They removed the fetus this way and the mother recovered from the surgery. Unfortunately, this surgery left the mother severely anemic. The anemia failed to correct over the course of a couple of days with fluid therapy and other supportive medications. As a last resort, the vet team performed the first ever blood transfusion in a pangolin at SVW. 

Today, this pangolin lives and is still under intensive care by the vet team. She has suffered from infection on top of all of her other shortcomings so we are managing her case with concentration on good nursing and supportive treatment. We are very hopeful for her.

Healing bad injury caused by snare trap of a Masked palm civet

This civet was rescued with three other Common palm civet and two Leopard cats from the Ranger Department of Dien Chau District, Nghe An province, but she was the only individual injured. The wound was a deep cut by snare trap, severing part of the sternum and losing a lot of muscle. Our Vets performed surgery to remove necrotic tissue, clean and close the wound to avoid infection. Her wound is almost healed and she was able to walk slowly around her enclosure a few hours after the surgery.

Join us to save wildlife
We officially changed our Name

VUSTA signed the new SVW profile doctument. In which,  our Vietnamese name is changed from “Trung tâm Nghiên cứu và Bảo tồn động vật hoang dã” to “Trung tâm Bảo tồn động vật hoang dã tại Việt Nam”. This change marks the milestone of 5-year SVW operation and effort recognizing nationwide. Our missions are slightly changed in accordance with the objectives and orientation of SVW's sustainable operation strategies in the future. Our English name is remaining Save Vietnam’s Wildlife (Center), or SVW in short.

We are celebrating our 5th Anniversary on 22 July by a remarkable event with our donors, supporters, partners, and guests.

Thank you all for your ongoing generous support to our work!

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Vietnam's precious wildlife thanks you for your invaluable contribution to our work!
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