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Brown Rice

According to the research paper Increase Breast Milk Supply With Herbal Galactagogues published in the World Journal of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, brown rice enhances breast milk production. It has hormone stimulants which boost lactation. It also gives nursing moms the extra energy that is required post delivery.  Also, it helps increase the appetite so as to enable the mother to eat nutritious food.

Soak brown rice for half an hour and pressure cook it. Eat it with vegetables.

  • Papaya has been used as a natural sedative, which may help you to relax and feed baby better.
Oils And Fats

It is recommended to keep fats and oils in your diet to a minimum, post pregnancy.

  • Do not avoid fat and oil in your post-delivery diet.
  • These are an essential part of lactation. They assist in absorption of vitamins and minerals present in other foods you eat.
  • They also aid in easy bowel movement.
  • Opt for olive oil, rice bran oil or any heart healthy oil.
  • These help in balancing the supply of healthy fat to your baby.

Almonds are rich in Omega-3 and Vitamin E.

  • Vitamin E helps heal itching caused by post pregnancy stretch marks.
  • Omega-3 helps lactation boosting hormones to help produce more milk.
  • Have crushed almonds with milk for greater effect.
  • Add almonds to your bowl of oat meal.

Things To Avoid:

Avoid gas-generating foods such as pulses, raw mango and raw banana.

Other foods such as thyme, parsley, peppermint and cabbage leaves are also said to affect your milk production adversely.

If you are a vegan, take nutrient supplements to make sure that you and your baby are not falling short of the essential vitamins and minerals.

Tips For A Smooth Lactation:

The following will help make lactation time better and easier for both you and your baby:

  • Nurse your baby in a quiet room.
  • Stay calm.Follow the lactation diet listed above.
  • Wrap warm towels around your breasts.
  • Burp your baby after every feed.
  • Consult your doctor in case of any discomfort to you or your baby.
  • Breast feed your little one regularly.
  • Avoid worrying about your post-delivery weight-gain. This is the time to eat right. You can always get on a diet later.

Make sure you eat the right foods, sleep well and take adequate rest. Keeping calm and staying rested will help you pass through these initial months with ease. Make use of the nursing time to bond with your baby. 

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