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Tamuz 5776 Edition 2

Four New Engagements this Month!

Shidduch #119: Shadchan Rachel Gov-Ari relates: "The Kallah got in touch with me after she signed up on ChabadMatch. I was waiting quite some time to find the right suggestion for her. Something came up that looked like a potential match, and Boruch Hashem it worked out!"

Shidduch #118: Shadchan Shandel Blassberg relates: "Over 4 years ago, I came across the Choson's profile on Chabadmatch....I reached out to him... we emailed, spoke on the phone, and during one of his visits to Crown Heights from LA, we met. Over the years we stayed in touch. Six months ago, a Shalich contacted me about a family in his community who had grown tremendously in their Yiddishkeit, and their daughter was now ready for Shidduchim. Although I had seen her profile on Chabadmatch, no ideas had yet come to mind. During my conversation with the Shaliach, we realized I would be visiting the city where she was currently living and we decided to set up an interview. During the interview, I jotted down several names that seemed shayach. The next morning I sat down at my computer ready to begin working on Shidduchim, first I like to search the newest profiles...  I opened a BashertNow profile and got a jolt...the Chosson had posted a new picture and I was staring at a male version of the woman that I had met the night before. They looked so similar, the coloring of their eyes and hair was the same and then the light bulb went on.... they had a whole lot more in common. Within 2 weeks this shidduch was happening!"

Shidduch #117: Shadchan Akiva Perl. The mother of the Choson relates: "Boruch Hashem, we can report another success story! My son became a Choson this week. I filled out a profile for him a little while ago. The next morning, I got a call from a Shadchan. He stuck with us until he found the right Shidduch for our son, Boruch Hashem. Thank you for posting it on Shluchos network so we could make use of this special service when we needed it."

Shidduch #116: Shadchan Akiva Perl relates: "I was doing a search of the database for a girl, and after viewing a profile on ChabadMatch of a bochur, it seemed clear that they could match. Boruch Hashem they are now engaged."


Shadchan Up Close:

Mrs. Leah Lipszyc

Now of Crown Heights

As I am currently unable to return home to our Makom HaShlichus in Crimea, I am able to devote most of my time to helping singles find their Zivugim. As a Shlucha i was taught 'if you know singles, you have an Achrayus to make Shidduchim." I work with all singles whatever their level of observance, because I feel strongly that every Jew should marry another Jew. Currently my emphasis is mainly on those from Chabad families. I work with both males and females, and give them a lot of time and attention so that they will I"YH find their mates.  In the best situation I meet with them personally. Recently I spent over a week in London and interviewed singles there. If I'm meeting with someone else I may send an automatic message that I can't speak at the moment. Just call back. I appreciate referrals, especially (but not exclusively) Chassidish and working/professional Bochurim.

Recent feedback I received: "I must take this opportunity to compliment you as the best Shadchan I have had experience with -- I can't thank you enough for all your time and help. You are such a pleasure to work with and I know you really care."

I can be reached by email at or via WhatsApp: +1-917-620-1423

How to Daven for your Shidduch By: Rabbi Manis Friedman

Many women have complained to me: “I don’t know why G-d doesn’t answer me! I keep praying and pleading and crying to meet a guy and nothing happens.”

Oh really, G-d doesn’t answer? Do you mean to tell me that you have never met a guy before?

We need to be more careful with how we speak to G-d.

True, He knows what is in our hearts, but we need to be more mindful of what we say to Him. When we pray we should be a little more conscious about what it is we are asking for.

When you pray to find a shidduch (marriage partner), you need to be specific. Don’t simply ask to meet a “man” or a “woman.” Ask G-d to introduce you to your husband or your wife.

And don’t just ask to meet your spouse. What good is it to only meet someone? You want to be married to your spouse.

And not only married, but settled with a family. That’s how you should pray when seeking a shidduch.

I’m reminded of the following story:

A man complained to his rabbi that he doesn’t have enough money.

‘You have to trust in G-d!’ urged his rabbi.

‘I keep praying and asking G-d!’ the man protested.

‘What exactly do you ask for?” the rabbi asked.

‘I ask G-d to find me a job!” replied the man.

The man in the story didn’t want a job. He wanted to be rich! If he had only just said so, perhaps G-d would have granted Him his prayer.

We need to work on being honest with G-d. When you pray, just be straight with Him. Don’t be afraid to be blunt. Tell Him the truth.

Don’t ask to meet a man – not even a certain kind of man. Ask to get married to your husband. You’re not a character in a romance novel. You are a Jew who wants to build a home and a life with the other half of your soul.

So, stop wasting your time trying to meet guys. Cut to the chase and ask G-d to give you exactly what you need.

Ask Him to get you married to your spouse.

Monthly Tip: Recommending a Shadchan on the Site

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