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2019 Munich Chili Cookoff Results

Hi all,

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And it was another great day out at the Zar Bar!  Some of the hardest rain we’ve ever had, alternating with most glorious sunshine.  Jason Fisher and Audrey provided some great music, while Mirja made her musical debut – looking forward to more!  15 chili competitors, only one of them vegetarian this year — but she took second place in the general competition as an openly vegetarian cook!  (We have had a second place win by a vegetarian chili before, but it was a sneak vegetarian — using fantastic smoked tofu…)  Only one competitor in the Hottest Chili category — you’ll see a familiar name below!  Three cookie competitors, and my those spectators gobbled up the goodies, none left to take home.

Special thanks to Klaus Schüring of Schüring’s Chili for bringing those fantastic induction hotplates down from Hamburg, we’ll see you again!  And to Jürgen “Yogi” Rahm for sponsoring prizes with Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauces!  Sara Whitney took our photos, Cindy Brown manned the box office, Richard Sargent did nearly everything else, but if you read this email, Gen Cory wrote it.

The final numbers for the KlinikClowns e.V. are somewhere north of €340.  

Chili Winners

1st Place: Davy Kazan with NO CORNZ NO BEANZ NO NUFFIN!

2nd: Heidi Banta with her openly vegetarian Lentilicious

3rd: 2018 Champion Bridget Hooser with Jetlag Chili

Hottest Chili

Stephen and Justin Dell with Stromboli

Chef’s Choice

Greg Langley with So that’s what happened to Skippy

Best Name

Greg Langley with So that’s what happened to Skippy

Chili that Lost Its Way

Long Ears by Moritz Jan Philip Bormann

Cookie Winners

  1. McKenna Hooser’s Choco Choclet
  2. Claire Dell’s Ginger + Choc Cookies
  3. Alexandra Hooser’s French Delight

Thanks also to our international panel of judges:

  1. Joao (Portugese)
  2. Dan (American)
  3. Jürgen Rahm (Belize / Germany)
  4. Sara Whitney (American)
  5. Jonas (Danish)

A full list of competitors with their chilis' names is on the website at

Sara's photos are here (accessible even without a Facebook account, Gen checked):

Do you have any suggestions for next year? Post them on Facebook or answer this email!  For example, someone suggested we might bring our own cutlery to cut down on the paper / plastic waste, and anyone who doesn't bring it can donate a euro to have it provided. This is apparently done pretty commonly in schools already.  A People's Choice award was also floated - but how best to implement that?    

Let us know -- and keep cookin'!

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