We need our happy times, however they look

Yes, it can be done; have fun and keep your distance

Who needs to get the hell out of the house? *waves hand frantically* I really needed a mini-vaca so my honey and I grabbed a quick getaway and swam and kayayaked and paddleboarded this gorgeous river. I totally recommend a trip out in nature to make your brain and your soul go ahhhhh!

I recently did a contest with a survey about what you've missed the most with the lockdown and restrictions. You guys came up with some beautiful responses and I cried when I read them. Literally, I cried. It looks like we all miss our family and friends, hugs, being in groups, going out to places we can't visit right now, new shows and movies, prowling around in thrift stores and yard sales (one of my favorite activities!), concerts, sports, shopping, (can't tell you how glad I was when the dressing rooms opened. I don't have the kind of body that can buy a swimsuit off the rack.) Some of you filled in answers like: You miss speaking to a reading group, surprisingly miss the gym, the basic freedom to do what you want,  hanging out with people you love, a friend's birthday, state parks, not holding a new grandchild... damn it, I'm crying again. Thank you, everyone, for speaking from your heart and sending your answers. It helps me feel connected and I hope it does for you also. Let's stay optimistic that we will enjoy all these things again soon.

My contest winner, picked by random.org is Carolyn from Louisiana, USA. Carolyn, I've got my fingers and toes crossed that this upcoming hurricane looses strength and does no harm to you.

Now for some happy news. The first book in my new Badass Demon Bounty Hunter series is now out. Do you like to review books? Head over to Book Sirens and check out their review program. And of course, request Who Let the Demon Out as your first book to read and review. Big, huge virtual * hug* if you do.


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What is a dark urban fantasy comedy? Read on. I think you'll enjoy this story that combines elements of UF and paranormal with mystery and humor. And of course, it has plenty of characters you'll fall in love with. Be prepared to stay up all night once you enter Sable and Jack's world.


How hard can it be to send an escaped demon back to hell?

Not only is her suicide attempt thwarted by a stranger, but when she comes back from the dead, Sable is tasked by Lucifer to find and return to hell a demon she let loose. If she doesn't, she'll be sent to the darkest level of the afterlife when she dies.

The woman Jack pulled from a running car is obviously disturbed and her story about Lucifer and demons is bullshit. But she has the name of a dead man written on her arm and Jack wants to know why.

Since it's Jack's fault she's in this mess and his skills from a background in the security business are useful, Sable recruits him for her find-the-demon mission, which turns out to be all kinds of difficult. Not only can demons inhabit human bodies, they have other nasty tricks up their sleeves, like incinerating objects and people who get in their way.

It also turns out the inhabitants of hell lie and that things on Earth are not what they appear. Nor are things in her own world, Sable discovers, as she battles to complete her mission before time runs out and it's impossible to send the demon back.

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