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Hey, everyone! I hope y'all are having a great first few weeks of summer!

Fair warning... this newsletter is probably the biggest/longest I've ever sent out so... it's stuffed with all kinds of goodies!

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Around here, the kids got out of school a few weeks ago and are in summer school now.

And that means it's time for me to spend time at my happy place! The aquatic center! YAY!

I've been on the road a fair bit (or in the air) the last few weeks. I went to a writers' workshop in Toronto a few weeks ago. I'm actually in Houston right now with a dear friend and attending another one. Hopefully, what I've learned will help me write better books! That's the plan anyway ;).

At this workshop on the emotional craft of fiction, we're doing a lot of writing exercises. The problem? Benjamin and Katrín are the only ones showing up to participate! Why is that a problem? Because it's the fifth or so book on my list to write :p. But the good news is that I think it's going to be fantastic! I can't wait! But there's others that have to come first because timelines! First is Heart of a Prince which comes out next month. Then the sequel to Grace to Save (tentatively titled Grace to Stand). Then the brother from Heart. (And a Christmas and next year's summer novella have to come in there somewhere ;).) THEN In Concert with the King. Or so goes the plan.

But, oh my lands, I love these characters already - and I hope by early next year (fingers crossed!), y'all will to!

There's some big stuff in the sections below! New books! Giveaways! Facebook Group!


But before that... COVER REVEAL!!!!

There's more about Heart of a Prince below, but check out the cover! I went through several iterations of this cover - including two I was just certain I was going to use, then decided they just weren't... right. I do love them and may still use them, but they didn't work for Heart.

But this one...

Oh! I just love it!

Jordan is an amateur photographer. Astrid is a Crown Princess. But she doesn't want to be falling in love with Jordan, and a wedding most certainly isn't in her plans!

Which makes this cover is perfect!

Thanks so much for sticking around! I appreciate you!

Huge sale 6/3-9!!!!

 Hand-Me-Down Princess is FREE 6/3!!!!!

To go along with that, pretty much every book related to any of the royalty books is on sale 6/3-9!!!*

The following books are free:
Hand-Me-Down Princess - 6/3 (then .99)
Good Enough for a Princess is always free!

The following books are .99**
Along Came a Prince
More than a Princess
Winning the Queen's Heart
Protecting the Prince
Prince from her Past

The Lifeguard, the New Guy, & Frozen Custard
The Lifeguard, the Abandoned Heiress, & Frozen Custard

Gifts of Love
Manuscripts & Mistletoe

The following books are 1.99**
Discovering Home
Glimpsing Hope
Reclaiming Hearts

 *A couple of the novellas have been .99 for a while but will go back to regular price soon :).

**Some prices may only be available in the US/UK :(. I'm trying to work with Amazon to get it fixed. But, if I can't, I'll find a way to do it as soon as I can. I'll announce it on Facebook/blog/in the group mentioned below.

Books to Preorder!

Dare You is one that some of you probably already have, but not everyone! It's the prequel to the new series Crowns & Courtships. Many of you may have already picked it up for free as part of one of a couple of newsletter giveaways I participated in. But I want to make sure you all have a chance to get it if you haven't already. You can download it for free from BookFunnel. It will be released on Amazon on June 15 and is currently .99 for preorder if you want a "real" copy (not that the download isn't real, but you know what I mean ;) - some people prefer the purchased from Amazon copies because they can be easier to sort and find, etc.)

Download DARE YOU free through 6/10

Crowns & Courtships
Prequel: Royals of San Majoria

She needs a fake boyfriend. He’s just daring enough to try to turn it into something more.

Betsy Haines is running away from a broken heart, but when she - along with her best friend, brother, and his best friend - arrive in Serenity Landing for the July 4 celebration, she finds herself the target of the affections of a creep.

Dare Weaver has been half in love with his best friend’s little sister for as long as he can remember. When she needs a pretend boyfriend, he’s only too happy to oblige. He finds himself daring to live up to his name - to try to turn something pretend into something permanent.

Preorder DARE YOU - Releases 6/15

Crowns & Courtships
Book 1: Royals of San Majoria

Canadian Jordan Haines is on vacation in the Caribbean. After the summer he's had, a couple of months of fun in the sun is just what the doctor ordered. What he didn't count on was meeting a beautiful woman on a private beach - or falling hard.

Crown Princess Astrid of San Majoria seems to lead a charmed life. Just like everyone, there's tragedy in her past, but she lives in a palace, has aides to do everything - and paparazzi hounding her private moments. Her sanctuary on her family's beach is broken one day when a tired windsurfer takes refuge in her cove - and works his way into her heart.

But it's just a summer fling, isn’t it?

After all, Jordan will be returning to Canada before long, won't he?

When pictures of the two of them, and what looks like an engagement ring, appear in the tabloids, they have to deal with fallout - and the beginnings of a real relationship. Secrets kept become hearts broken as they try to discover if Jordan really has the heart of a prince.

Preorder HEART OF A PRINCE - Releases 7/31


YAY! Gotta love giveaways! There will be paperbacks of the Serenity Landing Second Chances series, yarn(!), reader swag - fun stuff!!!

For all the details, check out the blog on Monday - or in the new Facebook group (details in a second)! It may be later in the day when it's posted, but I'm hoping for early (but again... traveling... :p).


Facebook Group

There is a BRAND NEW Facebook reader group!

I've been struggling for a while with how to connect with readers. Facebook is GREAT for that - but a Facebook page (that you "like") is difficult to use to connect - the way the the Facebook algorithms work, unless you pay them, only about 5% of the people who "like" the page will actually see a post.

Because of that, for a while now, I've been using the "follow" feature on my Facebook profile to connect with y'all (and many of you have!), but it's still not working as well as I'd like. I have a lot of friends on there who don't necessarily want to hear book stuff, and I don't want to annoy them (too much ;)), but I still need to find a way...

Someone I know (I don't remember who) shared a link to an author's reader GROUP. It's a whole different thing than pages and profiles. It's easier to share and have it be seen - because you, the reader, control the settings, and can make sure you get notifications (if you want them) when something new is posted.

And so... I would LOVE to have you join. We're going to do "book club" type stuff when a new book releases (discussion questions). Ask the Author days (when we're not discussing a new release). Book recommendations - from me and y'all! Teasers for whatever I'm working on or the book that's coming next. General discussion threads. Monthly giveaways!

In that group, I've already asked for some help! I have a ton of members of royal families to name - plus a couple of countries and things to be duke of (because Duke of DUKENESS just doesn't work... neither does Prince BRONAME2 :p). Once you're a member, scroll down for the threads or check out the thread here to offer name suggestions and here to offer suggestions for countries, etc. If I use the name you suggestion, I'll gift you an ebook copy of the book where it's first used (if there's more than one person, the first one will get a copy and the rest will go in a drawing for another) - and a copy if that character eventually gets his or her own story.

Membership does have to be approved, but that's just a formality. Because I'm at a workshop, I may not be able to approve them right away, but I or my assistant will just as soon as possible. :)

I can't wait to see you there and get to know y'all more!


Click here to join!

Repackaging of The Montevaro Monarchy & Brides of Belles Montagnes Books

After hearing from a number of readers, and discussing it with a variety of people, I repackaged these two series. If you've read them, you know they both go together, and are kind of separate - for legit reasons. So, I changed the font on the covers so they go together and added the new series title and series subtitle, but left the covers - you can see the difference in the tone of the covers. The stories themselves are exactly the same, but for new readers, hopefully it'll help with the bit of confusion it sometimes caused :).

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